Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

She said that details around making use of masks in workplaces should be clarified, together with modifications to rules on sick pay..
Warning managers against providing blanket requests for their workers to return to the office, she added: “As the work from home guidance ends, employers need to acknowledge that a person size does not fit all.
” They should consult their staff and unions about continuing flexibility in working patterns and area.
” Flexible working isnt practically working at home. It can imply having fixed or predictable hours, working as a job-share, or working flexitime, term-time just hours or compressed hours.
” No one should miss out on versatile working. Ministers needs to bring in a new right to versatile working for every worker, in every job. Otherwise there will be a brand-new class divide in between those who can work flexibly from house, and those who cant.”.
Ministers are currently exploring whether workers must be offered the right to demand versatile working plans as the “default” option, unless their employers provide a “great reason” not to..
This will not encompass a legal right to work from house, nevertheless, with Downing Street formerly making clear there are “clear advantages to be gained from people working in the workplace”.
It came as employers at John Lewis and Waitrose validated they will present versatile working for staff at the merchants head offices..
Andrew Murphy, executive director of operations for the John Lewis Partnership, stated on July 5 that the “pandemic has actually forced all of us to rethink the standard of five days in an office”.


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