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IOC’s Bach disturbed by pressure on Russian skater

Follow live coverage of day 14 of the Winter Olympics as Team GB hope to guarantee a second curling medal in the women’s semi-finals.

Great Britain, skipped by Eve Muirhead, will meet Sweden as they look to secure at least a silver medal – just as Bruce Mouat’s men’s rink did on Thursday – while Japan will compete against Switzerland. The winners will go through to fight for gold, while the losing teams will have an opportunity to play for bronze.

Elsewhere Eileen Gu successfully secured gold in the women’s freestyle skiing halfpipe final, one of the five gold medals up for grabs today, becoming the first freeskier to win three medals in a single Games. The home favourite cruised to victory, nailing back-to-back 900s with advanced mid-air grabs on her way to posting the best score of 95.25. This is her second gold. She has already won a gold in big air and narrowly missed one in the slopestyle event, earning silver for China. Team GB’s Zoe Atkin, who qualified fourth for the halfpipe final, finished ninth after falling on her first two runs.

Follow live coverage from the Winter Olympics below:


Winter Olympics: Team GB 4-5 Sweden

Sweden look confident of shutting out a two-point end after managing to split the house and edging a red stone behind the high yellow marker.

As Muirhead takes over, she nestles a yellow on the inside of far-left Swedish stone. Sweden go for the knockout and catch it nicely. It takes away any chance of a two-point end, and Muirhead is forced to settle for the single point with the final stone.

The hammer goes back to Sweden.

Jamie Braidwood18 February 2022 13:02


Winter Olympics: Team GB 3-5 Sweden

There is very little in-house action in the third end, which from early on looked as if it was heading towards a blank end with Sweden having the hammer in hand.

The guards at the top of the house are cleared as Muirhead takes over, pinning a nice shot to the back of the ring where GB already had a stone on the outside.

Sweden go for the clear-out, but no – the GB stone clings on after colliding off the back marker.

Muirhead sets up a split, so even though Sweden take a point with their final shot that finds the middle, GB get the hammer back next.

Jamie Braidwood18 February 2022 12:45


Winter Olympics: Team GB 3-4 Sweden

Sweden open the door for Team GB to cut the early lead as they take out a couple of their own stones while attempting to knock away a yellow guard.

It leaves three British stones in the house, one quiet far back, with only a couple of Swedish efforts to come. Sweden and GB exchange positions on the right-edge with a couple of shots on the nose.

Sweden are unable to remove more than one stone, so Muirhead can simply clean up the final Sweden stone to take a three-point end.

Good response, that, after the disastrous first end.

Jamie Braidwood18 February 2022 12:35


Winter Olympics: Team GB vs Sweden

Team GB’s Hailey Duff gets us underway with the first yellow Team GB stone. Duff misses with her first shot to the house as the red GB stone goes long, leaving two Sweden stones in the ring.

As Jennifer Dodds gets her first draw, things go from bad to worse for Team GB, even at this early stage, as another yellow stone runs through to leave three reds in the house.

Vicky Wright is able to take two reds out with one shot – but it’s still looking good for Sweden with hammer in hand. Wright’s second shot is a cracker, knocking another two Sweden stones out of the ring to them down to one with two shots each left to go.

Eve Muirhead’s first shot slides a touch further on than she had perhaps planned and it keeps Sweden in commanding position, and all they need to do is play a safe shot to make it three stones in point-scoring position.

Muirhead cannot do enough with her last shot, it doesn’t even reach the house – and that is bad news for Team GB. It’s four points for Sweden in the first end. A devastating start.

Jamie Braidwood18 February 2022 12:14


Winter Olympics: Team GB vs Sweden

Sweden have the hammer to start the first end.

Jamie Braidwood18 February 2022 12:01


Winter Olympics: Team GB vs Sweden

Rhona Howie, the 2002 Olympic champion, speaking to the BBC:

“Team GB have won their last three matches against Sweden. [Sweden skipper] Anna Hasselborg struggled massively against Eve at the European Championships recently and it could be a tough afternoon for them again.”

Jamie Braidwood18 February 2022 12:01


Winter Olympics: Team GB vs Sweden

Eve Muirhead will be using all of her experience as she prepares for another crucial knockout match at a Winter Olympics.

Now at her fourth Olympics, Muirhead faced playoff matches in both 2014 and 2018. Although her Team GB side failed to progress to the gold medal match, Muirhead won a bronze medal in Sochi and knows that it is a different competition once the round-robin phase is over.

A European Championship victory in Norway earlier this year gave Muirhead’s side experience of winning when it matters and the GB skip is hoping for more of the same today.

“I always say that the round-robin is one competition and the playoffs is another one,” Muirhead said after progressing through to the last four. “There are things we need to reset but I definitely think that as a team, we are a playoffs team.

“We’ve proven that we’re capable of winning that gold medal as a group, so we will go hard tomorrow.”

Jamie Braidwood18 February 2022 11:52


Winter Olympics: Team GB’s route to the semi-finals

It wasn’t all easy, but Eve Muirhead’s Team GB have made it through to the semi-finals of the women’s curling tournament after advancing from the round-robin phase.

Two defeats in their opening three matches gave the team an uphill task, but they made it through in dramatic fashion by beating ROC and other results going their way.

Now, Muirhead’s side face Sweden. They had an 8-2 win over the Swedes in their round-robin match. Their opponents won every other match in the group phase, however, apart from a defeat to China.

Jamie Braidwood18 February 2022 11:41


How much does the stone weigh and what is it made of?

The official USA Curling rulebook states that each curling stone cannot be greater than 44 pounds (19.96kg) in weight, and no less than 38 pounds (17.24kg). The handle is included as part of the weight.

The stone’s circumference cannot exceed 36 inches (91.4cm) and cannot exceed 4.5 inches (11.43cm) in height.

The stones are made of a special type of granite, which is found on the island of Ailsa Craig in Scotland.

Jamie Braidwood18 February 2022 11:25


What are the lights on curling stones?

The lights are a tracking system to ensure the athletes release the stone before the first hog line – the red line at both ends where both teams must release the stone before passing it.

During Team USA’s second game against Italy, Stefania Constantini was penalised with a hogline violation in the sixth end.

A heat sensor is embedded into the ice and will be triggered if your hand continues to hold onto the handle while breaching the line, meaning each stone has batteries to power these sensors.

Failure to release your hand before the line will turn the lights red and that team will be forced to remove it from play.

It rarely happens at this elite level, but such is the pressure at the Winter Olympics, it can occasionally happen.

Jamie Braidwood18 February 2022 11:05


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