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IOC’s Bach disturbed by pressure on Russian skater

Great Britain’s men are taking on Sweden in the curling final as they bid to finally secure a medal for Team GB at these Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Bruce Mouat’s team have been impressive throughout the competition but face the experience and knowhow of Swedish skip Niklas Edin, whose team beat Britain to gold in 2014.

David Murdoch was the British captain then but he believes Mouat and co have nothing to fear. “Niklas is very experienced, I’ve played him loads and so has Bruce. We don’t have anything to fear and our recent record against them is really good, we beat them in the round robins here and twice at the European Championships, including the final.”

Britain will again go for gold tomorrow morning too after Eve Muirhead overcame almost impossible odds to steer her women’s curling team into the Olympic final in Beijing and fulfil an ambition that had threatened to elude her after over a decade at the top of her sport. Team coach Murdoch put her chances of salvaging victory at “less than 10 per cent” after shipping four shots in a disastrous opening end to defending Olympic champions Sweden, but they clawed back to clinch a thrilling 12-11 victory in an extra end.

Follow live coverage from the Winter Olympics below:


Men’s curling final: GB 3-4 Sweden (9th end)

Every shot so important now. Sweden have control of the house, and Grant Hardie has a key shot to wipe out both Swedish stones around the button – he nails it! Brilliantly executed off one and on to the other. Two stones left each.

Action from the men’s curling final


Lawrence Ostlere19 February 2022 09:09


Men’s curling final: GB 3-4 Sweden (after eight ends)

Good by Bruce Mouat, who bumps away Sweden’s central stone and leaves two GB stones in the house. Sweden’s penultimate shot coming up… and Rasmus Wrana doesn’t quite nail it, leaving one Swedish and one British stone left in the house, with one stone left each to come in this end. It looks like the Swedes will take one point with Edin Niklas on the hammer… which they do.

So Sweden lead 4-3 with two ends to play, and GB have the hammer next.

Lawrence Ostlere19 February 2022 08:57


Men’s curling final: GB 3-3 Sweden (8th end)

This is a very closely fought end, centring around one Swedish stone close to the centre and one British stone almost touching it, just behind, with guards being placed and knocked out one after another. As it stands, with two stones each remaining, Sweden are heading towards a one-point gain.

Lawrence Ostlere19 February 2022 08:53


Men’s curling final: GB 3-3 Sweden (after seven ends)

Swedish skip Niklas Edin gets his complicated angles wrong and Britain draw level. Grant Hardie can take plenty of credit for that with his perfectly placed draw on to the button which changed the entire complexion. Sweden will have the hammer in the next end, so they still have the advantage, but GB finally have a bit of momentum.

Lawrence Ostlere19 February 2022 08:45


Men’s curling final: GB 2-3 Sweden (7th end)

Sweden bump into Britain’s guard with their penultimate stone, and Bruce Mouat will need to put another down to block the hammer. It’s nicely played, and now Sweden have a very difficult final shot to try and stop Britain levelling the final…

Lawrence Ostlere19 February 2022 08:41


Men’s curling final: GB 2-3 Sweden (7th end)

With a GB stone on the button, Bruce Mouat positions a guard to try and block the Swedes and places it well. Sweden have two stones remaining in this end, Britain just one…

State of play during the 7th end


Grant Hardie sends a stone during the men’s curling final


Lawrence Ostlere19 February 2022 08:39


Men’s curling final: GB 2-3 Sweden (7th end)

It looks like Sweden are going to go for points here rather than retain the hammer once more. That would at least mean Britain have the hammer for the eighth and 10th ends, but they need to ensure they limit the points damage to one at most here. Three stones to go and Sweden have control of the centre – but a perfect shot by Grant Hardie threads the needle and finds the button beautifully. Over to Sweden…

Lawrence Ostlere19 February 2022 08:34


Men’s curling final: GB 2-3 Sweden (after six ends)

So another end goes by with no points won and no change in hammer. Sweden remain in control with four ends to go and the hammer advantage next too, and Britain are going to need to make something happen in this tight, tactical game to change their Olympic destiny.

Lawrence Ostlere19 February 2022 08:23


Men’s curling final: GB 2-3 Sweden (6th end)

Rasmus Wranaa loves a destructive stone and he fires another one, sending GB’s stones flying all over the place. That was very effective and it’s left the house empty. We could see another tit-for-tat trade of individual stones, which may well lead to Sweden forcing another scoreless end to retain the hammer. Not great news for GB if so.

Lawrence Ostlere19 February 2022 08:20


Men’s curling final: GB 2-3 Sweden (6th end)

So Sweden have the hammer in this end – what a time it would be in the middle of this final if GB could steal a point against the hammer.

Lawrence Ostlere19 February 2022 08:17


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