Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Mr Tomlinson says that “anyone could have told The Sun” about Mrs Rooney’s alleged “car crash” about which The Sun published an article in 2019.

“You don’t know whether the source of that story is the post, or whether the source of the story is some completely different person, some completely different way of getting information,” Mr Tomlinson says.

Coleen Rooney had shared a post on her private Instagram account regarding her car crash in January 2019, which showed her car with the side of the car caved in overlaid with the caption “RIP half a Honda”.

The Sun newspaper published an article about the alleged crash on January 25, 2019 carrying the accompanied byline of Andy Halls, with the headline:

“ROO-INED MOTOR Coleen Rooney narrowly avoids injury in car crash and wrecks 4×4 just weeks after Wayne’s arrest for ‘public intoxication’ in Washington”.

The story quotes a “source” who said that “one side of the car was completely caved in.”

Mr Tomlinson says that “the car crash post really has very little relationship, if any,” to the contents of the article, to which Mrs Rooney replies: “No, I don’t believe so”.


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