Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

As quickly as Nintendo announced Metroid Dread – the 5th and final entry in the original Metroid story arc, we all had comparable thoughts about revisiting the older entries in the series in some method or kind.
If you cant see yourself playing through these timeless titles before the new one arrives this October, never fear – as our senior video producer, Alex Olney, is here to provide you a crash course in the whole history of the Metroid series. Not only does he cover the games you may need to know about leading into Metroid Dread, but he also discuss other entries such as the Metroid Prime series and even Metroid: Other M.
Be warned though – there are spoilers in the above video if you havent played certain games prior to, however its got ta be one of the fastest methods you can get up to date with where Samus is at in her journey. And if all of this has actually got you wishing to play real copies of her older experiences, you can access most of her previous adventures throughout the Nintendo Switch Online service, the Wii U eShop and 3DS.
Can you see yourself replaying any (or all) of the traditional Metroid video games prior to Dread gets here? Leave a remark down below.


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