Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Yeah, I believe its an outrageous– like, I comprehend its getting press due to the fact that tennis is lame and tennis media sucks and theyre terrible.
I think Stefanos Tsitsipas, whatever, its damp and hot, and for the media, the press that have never ever stepped foot on a tennis court in their life, have actually never ever been in the environment, could not last 30 minutes out in this humidity, in this heat. Its physical, our sport is. My shoes are dripping, theyre dripping sweat.
To alter or to go after, you know, 2 sets were drinking, were hydrating a lot, we need to use the restroom. To change my socks, shoes, my inserts in my shoes, shorts, shirt, whatever, the entire nine backyards, hat, it takes five, six minutes. Then by the time I walk to and from the court.
You know, I dont understand Tsitsipas, I dont understand his situation. I question hes getting coached. I highly doubt it. Today, you understand, I could not even take my bag in to alter. Im like, Guys, my shoes and clothing remain in here. You can come stand in here with me if you desire. I do not like being coached on court, that position, I do not think we ought to have on-court training at all, however I strictly go to change since its hot and its damp.
If individuals do not understand that, then clearly theyve never ever invested a day in the life of an expert athlete or come close to it.


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