Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

What do the government offer? A buy now, pay later scheme that loads up costs for tomorrow.

High prices as far as the eye can see – this year, next year and the year after that, give with one hand now and take it all back later. The party opposite used to talk about the nation’s credit card, well today we’ve seen the chancellor force British households to load up their credit cards.

By lending billions of pounds to energy companies, the chancellor is gambling that prices are going to fall – but they could go up further in October. What then? Billions more loaded onto people’s bills?

The best way of targeting support to those who need it most would be an increase to 400 and an extension to 9 million households of the warm homes discount, as Labour has proposed today. Their scheme today is a pale imitation of Labour’s, especially for the households and pensioners on the most modest incomes.


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