Thu. Jul 29th, 2021

Q: If rising hospitalisations do pose a risk to the NHS, what would be the first restrictions you would reapply?

Van-Tam says the NHS is not at the moment like anything under the pressure it was in January.

He says the knock-on effect for infections is seven to 10 days, meaning we won’t see the impact of today until then. And then it will take another seven to 10 days to assess the impact on hospitalistions.

He says hospitals are also trying to deal with the backlog of operations.

And hospital staff are tired people, he says.

As for what might be reimposed, he says that question would go to Sage. But we know that close contact indoors is what causes the problem.

That is why, if there is a sweet spot, it is now, in summer.

Q: No country is lifting restrictions with cases rising so much. Is this just an experiment?

Vallance says it is not possible to open up without cases going up.

And the Delta variant has made things worse.

We have high case levels, and opening up will lead to more.

If you go more slowly, then the size of the peak will be lower.

But there are risks. They are mitigated by vaccinations.

He says it is likely we will get to 1,000 hospitalisations per day, and it could be “quite a lot higher” than that.

Q: Is Jeremy Farrar right in saying the public inquiry should start now?

Johnson says it would not be right to start it now, when public health officials are still dealing with the pandemic.

But next spring will be the right time for it to start, he says.

And that’s it. The press conference is over.

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