Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

ORIGINAL STORY 5TH JULY 2021: Ubisoft has actually pulled Might & & Magic 10 – Legacy from sale following a reaction to its server shutdown.Might & & Magic 10: Legacy, a role-playing game released back in 2014, was just recently included in a list of older games for which Ubisoft had actually decided to end online support. By doing so, however, Ubisoft likewise appeared to shut down DRM servers for the video game – leaving some not able to gain access to substantial parts of its single-player content and its DLC.And, as Emma reported last month, regardless of these problems, the video game and its DLC were left on sale. No more.On Might & & Magic 10: Legacys Steam page is a note to say Ubisoft requested the video game be pulled: While this modification implies new players wont end up buying a broken game, it not does anything to help existing consumers who still do not have access to single-player content and its DLC. The Steam review-bombing has continued – recent evaluations are now “really negative” – and Ubisoft has yet to discuss the de-listing (weve asked).

“We are constantly evaluating whats needed to deliver the best possible experience for our gamers,” Ubisoft stated.”During that procedure, we regrettably came across an unexpected concern with this title, avoiding brand-new and returning gamers from accessing the game and its DLCs. Ubisofts declaration offers no guarantee it will fix the problem.

UPDATE: Ubisoft says single-player block an “unexpected issue”.


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