Tue. Sep 28th, 2021

Do not stress, its a reasonable question as track cycling has a fair couple of races that can in some cases be as simple to understand as particle physics …
Heres an easy (ish) to understand guide …
The Omnium is a points-based competitors that is made up of 4 various races all of which award points towards a final ranking. The four lot races are …
1. Scratch Race (7.5 km for women) where the very first rider across the line wins..
2. Tempo Race (very same distances), where after four laps riders sprint for points every lap, and a rider who laps the field gets 20 points. Riders who are dropped and lapped by the field lose 20 points.
3. Removal Race, includes sprints every two laps, and after each sprint the last rider across the line is gotten rid of. The race goes till simply one rider is left.
4. Points Race (20km) with points every 10 laps to the very first four riders throughout the line (5, 3, 2, and 1 point) and those points are doubled for the last sprint. And groups that are lapped lose 20 points if you lap the field you make 20 points.
After these 4 events, the collected points of the riders determine who walks off with gold, silver and bronze …


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