Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

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Hamilton would yield the lead of the Drivers Championship to Verstappen regardless of that extra point, and now routes his rival by three points heading into the Italian Grand Prix.
Bottas on the other hand gained a location in the standings with his P3 podium finish, improving to P3 and benching McLarens Lando Norris to P4

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff comprehends Valtteri Bottas fastest lap effort at Zandvoort, however branded it “saucy” and desires a word.
The Black Arrows threw all they might at Red Bulls Max Verstappen both on-track and through method, however ultimately the Dutchman was simply out of reach and Mercedes were required to change plans.
That involved taking a perk point for fastest lap, however the plan was for Lewis Hamilton to take it.
Ultimately this is what took place, but prior to that Bottas had actually set his own versus Mercedes wishes on the soft tires, fitted with five laps to go due to safety concerns.
In the end, it was no harm done, and Bottas did certainly raise off in the final sector when Mercedes purchased him to, but Wolff however wants to go over precisely what occurred with his motorist.
” It was a bit easy to understand but cheeky, Valtteri is always on the receiving end due to the fact that this championship is so tight,” Wolff informed reporters at the Dutch Grand Prix.
” He raised off enormously in the last sector, and it was clear that Lewis would do the quickest lap and Valtteri understood about it.
” At the end, Lewis, in his battle for the Drivers Championship, got the point and it is all great.
” It could have wound up in a loss of a point for Lewis, and it would have not been right due to the fact that he had the fastest lap till then.
” But you have to comprehend likewise, at that point, a specific degree of disappointment in Valtteri, and at the end everything is good.
” Were going to talk about it in a most professional and friendly way.”


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