Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

Viewers of Netflix hit The Tinder Swindler can’t get enough of one particular person featured in the series.

The true-crime documentary tells the story of a group of women as they attempt to track down a man who conned them out of millions via a dating app.

In the series, it’s revealed that Shimon Hayut – known to the women as Simon Leviev – stole $20 (£7.4m) from his victims.

It’s revealed that he lured them in by treating them to expensive dates in order to gain their trust so that they would send him money.

While viewers watched on in shock as they learned about Hayut’s crimes, they also praised one of the victims, named Ayleen, for her response to the scam.

Ayleen explains how she cottoned on to Hayut’s criminal ways after seeing a news report about him “seducing and swindling young women for millions”, and decided to exact her revenge in an inspired way.

After realising she was in a “powerful position”, Ayleen managed to convince Hayut, who worked in the luxury fashion industry, to steal items she could then sell on eBay.

Hayut gave Ayleen clothing from fashion houses, including Gucci and Louis Vuitton, and she ended up making thousands. However, she ensured that Hayut didn’t see a penny of the money she made.


Ayleen won a legion of fans for her “badass” actions, with many viewers praising her on social media.

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“Ok so TheTinder Swindler is a great doc etc but I’m literally only here to talk about Ayleen,” one viewer wrote, adding; “eBay those clothes gurl this is the divine feminine energy we love to see.”

Another stated: “Ayleen on The Tinder Swindler selling Simon Leviev’s clothes was the best bit! Loved that she managed to recoup some of her money.”

“Gurrrlll, you’re my spirit animal for revenge,” one viewer wrote, with many calling her the “hero” and “MVP” of the series.

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On Friday (4 February), Hayut issued a response to the series on Instagram, days after it was released on Netflix, but then swiftly deleted his account after being barraged with negative comments.

Beforehand, he asked his followers to “please keep an open mind and heart”.

Hayut served just five months of his 15-month prison sentence for his crimes.

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