Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Google states it expects the Pixel 5A to be the last phone to consist of the battery charger.

Google is the most current maker to bid farewell to the in-box charging brick, stating it anticipates the Pixel 5A will be the last phone to include one. That indicates the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will not include one when they arrive this fall.
The business states that the majority of people currently have a USB-C charging brick, so theres no longer a need to consist of one with its phones. Apple and Samsung made comparable arguments when they announced they would no longer be providing an in-box battery charger. That might hold true, but its most likely that the cost savings of not including a battery charger played a big role in those choices.

Picture by Allison Johnson/ The Verge

Theres also an environmental argument for dropping the battery charger: fewer redundant chargers being shipped to customers in theory decreases e-waste. Thats tough to prove, though, and potentially simply means that the greenhouse gas emissions of producing and delivering accessory chargers will be spread around in between more business as individuals purchase them from third-party makers.
Something appears specific, though: with these 3 significant phone manufacturers devoted to eliminating the battery charger, smaller business will have an easier time following fit and doing the same. While phone buyers might seem like its a case of paying the exact same cost and getting less, this is likely a reality that well all need to make peace with, so hold your wall chargers tight.


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