Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Sharing nowt however a three-second-long video teaser and hinting that “things are going to get wild”, all we presently know is that theres a lot of neon scribbles and a funky new logo design to match– here, take a peek below: Tomorrow, things are going to get wild Tune in at 11AM PT/ 8PM CEST for the around the world reveal of a new game in the Tom Clancys universe.July 18, 2021See more”Tomorrow, things are going to get wild,” Ubisoft teased on its social media channels previously today.”The tweet– not to point out the stylized “X” apostrophe, which is regularly utilized to represent a crossover or mashup occasion– certainly includes credence to last months report that a Tom Clancy crossover game featuring The Division, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon might be on the way.The images that initially accompanied the tweet were eventually taken offline following a DMCA request from Ubisoft, but they talked of a brand-new video game called The Division BattleCat.”There are plenty of huge titles on our upcoming PS5 games and upcoming Xbox Series X games lists that you can get stuck into, too.


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