Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

The manufacturers of The Crown tried to develop scenes of a rioting crowd showering the Queen with bottles throughout her Silver Jubilee procession, John Lydon has actually claimed.
The previous Sex Pistols frontman said he declined to enable God Save the Queen to be used in the Netflix drama after discovering how it was to be used.
“It was a really perverse interpretation of the history of the Jubilee,” Lydon told the High Court, where he offered proof as part of a dispute with his former bandmates.
It is the current accusation of falsehood to hit the show, which has actually been accused of a series of creations that depict the Royal family in an uncomplimentary light.
On June 7 1977, the day of the Jubilee procession, the Sex Pistols staged a publicity stunt to carry out God Save the Queen on a boat down the Thames.
Lydon said he was open to the idea of the tune being utilized on The Crowns soundtrack.
But in his witness statement to court, he stated: “Then it turned into the manufacturers wishing to utilize stars for a re-enactment of [ the] famous boat trip.


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