Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

Individuals in the Steam Client beta program simply got access to an expensive brand-new downloads page, but Valve buried the lede a bit: the downloads section is undoubtedly enhanced, but the real advantage is the brand-new storage supervisor. This lets you see which drive games are set up on, and lets you quickly move games in between drives.( Image credit: Valve) To access the download supervisor, youll require to access your downloads page, hit settings and after that Steam Library Folders. The majority of the broader modifications are welcome UI revamps. When a game or update is downloading, Steam will now show the total progression completed, including the disk allocation procedure. “Previously the progress bar would only display the downloading content development but not the disk allowance procedure which would make an upgrade appear completed when it was not,” the notes read.Elsewhere, a new icon is now displayed beside every pending update to indicate its nature, so at a look youll have the ability to see if an update is Game Content, Workshop Content, or Shader Pre-caching. Pretty helpful if youre eager to delve into a video game and need to decide whether an update is urgent or can await later.Some other nice things: the download pages palette has been updated to better deal with the visually impaired, the download line is reorderable with drag and drop, and partially downloaded items will have faded progress bars to suggest that theyre stopped briefly, however require attention. Examine out the full spot notes here, and heres the new page at a glance:( Image credit: Valve) No word as yet when this will present to the primary public customer, but getting in the beta is easy: in the Steam client, struck Steam in the top menu, choose Settings, Account and then choose it from the Beta involvement menu..


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