Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

It appears other parts have been altered too, as the model is slightly lighter, by 300g. Well have to wait for a closer look inside – no one has yet reported breaking one of the new designs open to take a look.The modified design is designated with the serial number CFI-1102A, a change from the CFI-1000 series originals. Both disc and digital variations of the console are thought to have actually gotten these changes.Its not uncommon for console producers to modify console designs from time to time, as specific parts end up being more affordable or much easier to discover. Image credit: Press-Start. When the brand-new model will likely hit UK coasts, weve asked Sony.

Sony has silently launched a brand-new PlayStation 5 model, starting in Australia. Fresh stock of the in-demand console was found by Aussie outlet Press-Start to bear a revised identification number, a somewhat lighter weight … and a brand-new screw. Specifically, this is the screw used to attach the consoles base stand. The brand-new variation is developed so it can be changed by hand rather than a screwdriver.


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