Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

ANOTHER chunk of a rare area rock has been collected in a muddy field.
Specialists think it is part of a 4.5billion-year-old meteorite, believed to be the first to land in Britain in 30 years.
1The most current discover remained in the Cotswolds town of WoodmancoteCredit: SWNS
The most recent fragment was uncovered about 4 miles from the very first.
The yellow-green rock, containing the building blocks of life, is larger than the original find. And it bears a likeness to a human face, some state.
It almost certainly belongs to the exact same meteor which was seen burning up over Gloucestershire in February.

Pieces were later on found in sheep poo on a farm in Winchcombe.
The most recent find was in the Cotswolds town of Woodmancote.
Chemist Derek Robson, of Loughborough, Leics, hailed his discovery as a “very special moment”.
Meteor cause d sonic boom over south west England – and was captured streaking throughout Jersey sky


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