Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Eddie Izzard has commemorated the “perfectly surreal” funny of Sean Lock, following his death at 58, stating: “His legacy survives on forever.” The 8 Out Of 10 Cats star died surrounded by his household after a battle with cancer and homages from the world of comedy have flooded in.
Comic Izzard told the PA news agency: “I believe Sean Lock started in funny at nearly precisely the same time as me, so we were contemporaries.
” I do this weird, surreal stuff, however his things was beautifully surreal and I was type of jealous of what Sean might do, due to the fact that his mind leapt around. I dont understand if he composed but he should have sat down and composed some stuff, however it would flash across and create such crazy images.
” He does beautiful, surreal images, but he also goes to a casual or dark place, which you wouldnt expect or most audiences are not expecting, and I motivate people to go online– Sean Lock, put that into Google and search for his finest bits on YouTube and you will see his work and specifically on the panel video games, you can see that hes just riffing.
” Hes riffing, and hes going to this location and individuals are simply falling out and other comedians are falling about. That is the thing. youre attempting to get other comedians laughing and thats what he could do. He could go to places we werent anticipating anyone to go to.”


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