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Initial Story [Tue 31st Aug, 2021 01:30 BST]: Next month marks the 3rd year of the Switch Online service and it seems theres conversation once again about Nintendo possibly boosting its paid service with additional retro material. In the latest “Nate the Hate” podcast, understood insider NateDrake speak about how Nintendo may be adding Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles in the coming weeks.
Everything comes from a datamine going back to 2019 – which exposed 4 emulators inside Nintendos NES app. While the function of the remaining emulators still hasnt been exposed, both Nate and his co-host MVG believe the third one Hiyoko is most likely for “Game Boy and Game Boy Color” titles.
Nintendo Life has actually likewise confirmed with its own sources that Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles are most likely coming to the Switch Online service “really soon”.
The exact same insider is far less positive about Game Boy Advance titles arriving on the paid online service in the near future – noting how several companies are currently working on re-releases, including Nintendo, who has the Advance Wars remaster coming out this December. Weve likewise not heard anything about Game Boy Advance titles being consisted of in this update.
Is it about time we got Game Boy games on the Switch Online service? Tell us your own ideas down below.

Image: Nintendo Life/ Damien McFerranUpdate: Our good friends over at Eurogamer have actually done some digging and have independently proven our report that Video game Young boy and Video Game Young Boy Color games are headed to Nintendo Switch Online– and they have actually even gone as far as to claim that “other retro platforms are also on the cards”.


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