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Rebekah Vardy has revealed she messaged Peter Andre and his wife about her now-infamous News of the World interview, in which she compared his private anatomy to a “chipolata”.

She told the High Court on Friday that the interview was “one of my biggest regrets” and alleged that some of her comments in the piece had been “misrepresented”.

Ms Vardy is being questioned by her lawyer Hugh Tomlinson. Coleen Rooney is expected to take the witness stand this afternoon for the first time in the high-profile libel trial.

The 36-year-old has so far been watching on with her husband, former England captain Wayne Rooney, as Ms Vardy has been quizzed about messages discussing leaking information to the press and her relationship with the media.

Ms Rooney is being sued by the wife of Premier League player Jamie Vardy for blaming her for passing information to the The Sun – which Ms Vardy denies.


Court rises and Rebekah Vardy’s testimony comes to a close

The High Court has risen. Rebekah Vardy’s testimony has now come to a close.

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‘I wanted to clear my name’

Rebekah Vardy has defiantly said “I didn’t do anything wrong” and said she brought this trial because: “I wanted to clear my name”.

Speaking in a wobbling voice at the end of her witness testimony, Ms Vardy said: “It didn’t do anything wrong and I wanted to clear my name, and I wanted it not just for me but for my family and my children.”

Her lawyer Mr Tomlinson asked Ms Vardy how she had found being cross-examined in the court room.

Ms Vardy replied: “Exhausting, intimidating, I feel like I’ve been builled and manipulated.”

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Rebekah Vardy says she was having ‘constant panic attacks’ around the time she exported key Whatsapp messages

Rebekah Vardy has told the court that she was having “constant panic attacks, anxiety” during the time she was exporting key Whatsapp messages between herself and her agnet Caroline Watt.

Ms Vardy exported the messages on 15th October 2019 and the way they have been exported is a topic of contention for the lawyers in this libel trial.

Rooney’s lawyers allege she deleted certain messages. Ms Vardy said she did not intentionally delete evidence.

Vardy’s lawyer Mr Tomlinson asked her “what was your state of mind” during that time.

“I wasn’t very well, constant panic attacks, anxiety, and I was scared I was going to lose my baby,” Ms Vardy said.

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Court returns

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Court breaks as Rebekah Vardy starts to cry in the witness stand

The court is taking a midmorning break. Justice Steyn suggested the break after Rebekah Vardy started to cry in the witness stand.

Ms Vardy was recalling online abuse she had received.

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Rebekah Vardy had video call with Wayne Rooney about reports she needed to keep a lower profile at the Euros

Rebekah Vardy told the court that she had a video call with Wayne Rooney about reports in the media that she needed to keep a lower profile at the Euros in 2016.

Press had reported that Mr Rooney had told Mr Vardy that Rebekah should keep her head down during the tournament .

Vardy’s lawyer Mr Hugh Tomlinson QC asked her: “It’s suggested that your husband was told by Mr Rooney that you should be keeping a lower profile during that tournament. Do you remember?”

Vardy replied: “Yes I remember”.

Mr Tomlinson said: “You said that wasn’t the case.” To which Ms Vardy agreed.

She told the court: “I had conversations with Mr Rooney on Facetime about it.. He said it was a load of bollocks.”

She added: “I thought the media were trying to cause problems, stir up trouble, create unnecessary drama.”

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Recap: Vardy says Peter Andre comments are ‘one of my biggest regrets’

Rebekah Vardy said she did not say many things presented in an article published in the News Of The World about a sexual encounter she had with Peter Andre, the High Court heard.

Ms Vardy said: “There’s a lot of things in there that didn’t come out of my mouth that were misrepresented in the circumstances around that article I’m deeply sorry for.”

She also said she was “very young” at the time, had apologised for the article, and that it was “shameful”, adding that she had sent “personal messages” to Mr Andre and his partner since it was published.

“It’s one of my biggest regrets,” she said.

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‘What have you done?’: Vardy messages to footballer Danny Drinkwater

Rebekah Vardy messaged footballer Danny Drinkwater after he crashed his car in a drink-driving incident, saying: “What have you done (shocked face emoji) Danny for f**** sake (crying face emoji)”.

Ms Vardy had previously admitted to the court that she considered leaking the story about his car crash to the media.

She messaged her agent at the time saying the footballer had “crashed his car drink with 2 girls in it” and had been arrested.

After telling Ms Watt this information, Ms Vardy added: “I want paying for this x”.

When she found out that the Sun already knew about the crash, Ms Vardy messaged Ms Watt saying: “Holy f**.*… I’m fuming I didn’t give it to you earlier x”.

There was later a discussion between Ms Vardy and Ms Watt about whether they could get Mr Drinkwater’s address so paparazzi to photograph him.

Ms Vardy told the court that she never asked Mr Drinkwater for his address for this purpose. “No I didn’t,” she said.

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Rebekah Vardy denies that her agent was ‘monitoring’ Rooney’s social media

Rebekah Vardy told the High Court she discussed Coleen Rooney’s private Instagram account with her agent Caroline Watt “a handful of times”.

Entering the witness box for a fourth day, Ms Vardy explained that Ms Watt had access to her own Instagram account password from 2017 when the TV personality appeared on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

Under questioning from her barrister Hugh Tomlinson QC, Ms Vardy said she “didn’t give it a second thought” that Ms Watt was able to see Ms Rooney’s private Instagram account.

Asked if she was told by Ms Watt that she was looking at Ms Rooney’s account, Ms Vardy said: “No she didn’t”, adding that it “was not even on my radar” when asked if knew Ms Watt was “monitoring” Ms Rooney’s account.

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Rebekah Vardy told the court she sent personal messages to Peter Andre and his wife after News of the World article

Rebekah Vardy has told the High Court that she sent Peter Andre and his wife “personal messages a couple of years ago” to address the comments she made in an explosive News of the World article in 2004.

In the article, Ms Vardy described Mr Andre’s manhood as “like a small chipolata”.

She told the High Court that she regrets the interview and making those comments.

She also alleged that the article included “a lot of things in there that didn’t come out of my mouth, that were misrepresented.”

She added: “There were circumstances around that article that I regret.”

“It’s one of my biggest regrets,” she said, adding that she was “very young” at the time.

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