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Last night was last night so lets seek to today. You are looking live at an offered out crowd in the location that influenced among Will Smiths biggest hits. Welcome to Miami, Bienvenidos a Miami!
As constantly, follow Claire weekly and simply offer her all of your love.
Without more adieu, women and gents, lets talk Raw.

Chaos is Putting it Mildly

Prior to we even get into this, props to Xavier Woods for getting a “phrasing” in during the New Days opening discount. Any Archer reference just makes the world a better place.
Anyhow, Tag Team Turmoil constantly strikes a sweet spot for me. RK-Bro required new oppositions, and 7 groups answered the call.
The primary story was New Days greatness. Well, in fact, it was their rejection to quit and just how much penalty they wanted to sustain for a title shot. Everything was going quite well till the team of Mace and T-Bar, WWEs version of “bring,” revealed theyre the sorest losers in history. They decimated Woods and Kofi, in addition to Mustafa Ali and Mansoor as they made their way to the ring. Riddle, sitting ringside with Randy Orton, wished to help the New Day. However Randy held him back. It was a subtle minute of character development and highlights Randys objective to teach Riddle a thing or more.
After Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville– the worst management group ever– stepped in to stop the carnage, they decreed that not only would Tag Team Turmoil continue later on in the show, but The Almighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and the less-mighty MVP would complete as well.
At that point, I saw the composing on the wall in bright neon.
When Tag Team Turmoil continued, Xavier and Kofi simply couldnt complete versus AJ Styles and Omos. Impossible. How could they? Besides the wear and tear from killing it earlier, there was also the wear and tear from almost getting killed earlier. Plus, last weeks episode told us Styles, Omos, MVP, and Bobby Lashley were going to tango. We changed from a story of the New Days determination to putting the focus squarely back on Lashley and Randy.
Bobby and MVP got a heros welcome in MVPs hometown, and with the crowd strongly on their side, they defeated AJ and Omos to earn a tag team championship next week.
Wait, theres more!
Post-match, with MVP out for the count, Lashley got a jackknife chokeslam powerbomb from Styles individual colossus, and an RKO because Randy is Randy.
Now we have an enraged WWE Champion– a self confessed greedy bastard– with an opportunity for more gold next week. Anything with RK-Bro is an excellent look at this point, so Im down.
Lashley took a beating after getting a possibility to get tag gold around his waist. He was humiliated. Next week, we discover what the effects of those actions are and just how much blood gets spilt as a result.

We Have a New Old Challenger

WWE gave us a match they offered us prior to on several occasions, to pave the way a different variation of the same match we got last week? And considering that shes practically a superhero, she can get just as high as him, too.
When she got on the ring apron and distracted Nia from taking the momentum throughout the match?

No ifs and or buts about it, this was episode of Monday Night Raw was not really good. Tag Team Turmoil served its function and bookended three extremely long hours of tv. We got repeated stories informed haphazardly, and established for a couple of things that arent fascinating. Raw still has a hard time providing a factor to care or make matches truly matter.
Better luck next week? Heres hoping.
Grade: D+.

The most interesting taking place recently was Nia Jax and Charlotte Flair doing a staged battle until a real one almost broke out. That paved the way to tonights rematch, but with the added juice of the Raw Womens Championship on the line. It began hot with a worked shoot, plainly leaning into what happened last week. They fake beat the snot out of each other, resulting in Charlotte threatening to go out of the match, even informing Nia to “suck it” numerous times.
I laughed heartily.
Shayna interfered twice in the match. When she got on the ring apron and sidetracked Nia from taking the momentum during the match? Charlotte hit her distracted opponent with Natural Selection from the top rope and the ref counted 3.
The match didnt last long but I liked the physicality. If Charlotte and Nia have any chemistry but they clearly like beating the hell out of each other, Im not sure. However like I stated, it actually didnt matter. Nia and Shayna need to deal with whatever beef is between them, while Charlotte now discovers herself in the gaze of Alexa Bliss and Lilly.
Alexa wants Charlottes title, which suggests we can all look forward to WWE revealing the first doll to ever hold a WWE Championship. You understand why? Due to the fact that Chucky begins next month. If you believe WWE and USAs parent company wont participate in brand name cross-promotion to promote the sanctity of a title, then you clearly simply woke up from a long coma.
Invite to 2021! We have a lot to talk about.

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do … Almost As Good

WWE struck gold with RK-Bro. It was only a matter of time before somebody stated, “Hey, lets do that again, just less!”
We now have two odd couple tag teams on the same show, playing the exact same functions, and the tag team champs for their respective departments. Rhea Ripley steps into the Randy Orton function as someone begrudgingly along for the trip, while Nikki A.S.H. is nearly too sweet for her own good as Riddle. And since shes almost a superhero, she can get simply as high as him, too.
Obviously, Nikki and Rhea are missing the months of storytelling and character advancement we got with Randy and Riddle. Its like a high school trainee who didnt check out the task, checked out the cliff keeps in mind instead, only to fail the test since they prepped for several choice instead of essays.
The match didnt actually matter given that it was a quickie that served to coronate the most recent odd couple, Super Brutality.
Its just strange how unoriginal this company is at times. Even to the point where Corey Graves discussed on-air that Super Brutality is RK-Bro redux. Due to the fact that WWE acknowledges the elephant in the space doesnt make it any less of an elephant, just.


Damian Priest defeated Drew McIntyre and Sheamus last week in a match that hit more difficult than prepared food after an intense exercise. WWE gave us a match they gave us prior to on several events, to pave the way a different variation of the exact same match we got last week? These two in fact got rewarded for losing?
Its uncreative, lazy, and a waste of all that talent in the back. Rather than using this chance to catapult somebody else and put them in a fight with Priest, were getting … the person Damian beat for the title at SummerSlam.
And it was a good match! McIntyre and Sheamus dont place on cars. It continued the nights style of discomfort tolerance and how much punishment is one going to go through to get the W. These 2 even utilized each others signature transfers to no get. Sheamus and Drew no each other so well, someone required to do something uncommon to win.
That person was Sheamus, who got the win with the aide of a hand complete of tights after about 20 minutes. This entire review thing isnt just about the match; its about the larger story.
Sheamus now gets his 2nd rematch for the United States Championship at Extreme Rules. Helpful for him.

Is the drip stick not a foreign object? John Morrison x Karrion Kross squared off due to the fact that the latter insulted the former during what appeared like a pre-recorded “Moist TV.” Early on, in front of the ref, mind you, Johnny sprayed Kross with the drip stick. No bell. No nothing. Kross got the win as the water in the face simply pissed him off.
Reggie and Akira Tozawa kinda sorta defended the 24/7 champion. Reggie won– duh– and out came the rest of the maless roster. Consisting of a few who should holla at Damian Priest for a U.S. champion shot. Drake Maverick, fresh off the ass whooping on last Tuesday, made a surprise appearance and just looked. I dont care.
Doudrop challenged Eva Marie to a match next week. She likewise declared this is the beginning of the Doudrop-elution. It doesnt roll off the tongue, however Ill allow it.

Lashley took a pounding after getting an opportunity to get tag gold around his waist. Next week, we discover out what the consequences of those actions are and how much blood gets spilt as an outcome.


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