Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

There was another 17-year-old boy the feds claim R. Kelly fulfilled as an outcome of this relationship– however it seems like things didnt turn sexual until years later for that 2nd John Doe, per their filing. At any rate, Kellys group says NONE of it ought to be enabled into the record.

The jury thing is possibly the most fascinating though– it speaks with what Kellys team seems anticipating in terms of jurors who may or may not have a bias on the issue of same-sex relationships. Thats essential … cause the jury survey is already filed and submitted, which his lawyers state is ruined considering this late, new advancement.

Long story short, his lawyers argue the surveys possible jurors will see quickly are “devoid of a single question about their opinions or feelings on same-sex relationships”– which they think is very important, because that might end in bigots on the panel who might decide unfavorably versus Kelly merely due of the nature of the evidence/allegations … aka, the implication that R. Kelly is bisexual and/or gay. His attorneys state … thats not reasonable.

Of the many reasons they note in their docs, acquired by TMZ, Kellys attorneys– Thomas A. Farinella and Nicole Blank Becker– list timeliness (or an absence thereof), ongoing privacy, purpose and jury selection as their primary issues for why this things shouldnt be heard.

The singers legal group fired back to what federal district attorneys submitted recently– particularly, a demand to have brand-new proof they say they have touching on numerous brand-new accusations … the most stunning of which being R. Kelly groomed and molested a 17-year-old kid.

R. Kelly does not want the feds to be provided a possibility to show he had sex with a male– because the jury isnt prepared for that wrench … and may take it out on him in a decision, assuming theyre homophobic.

Youll recall … district attorneys submitted a bombshell just mere weeks ahead of the start of Kellys Chicago case, the very first of his many cases thatll begin before any of the others. In addition to bribery, they claimed he began a relationship with a male minor in the mid-2000s– this after apparently meeting him at a McDonalds and taking him under his wing.

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The 2 attorneys further tell TMZ that its obvious the concern of sexual orientation is still a lightning rod problem in 2021, and requires to be vetted to provide Kelly an impartial jury.

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Due to the fact that of this– and the other factors they list, particularly the 11th hour drama of all this– the lawyers say none of that proof need to be enabled to be heard as the trial is set to begin in early to mid August. Theres just inadequate time to prepare an appropriate defense.


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