Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

Nintendo LifeNintendo has actually presented Version 12.1.0 for the Switch and as you might have currently heard, it enables you to delete old software application data to download brand-new data. This upgrade also comes with a lot of stability improvements.
Because this update has actually gone live, users have likewise seen a brand-new update has actually been issued for the Switch Joy-Con controllers. As normal, Nintendo hasnt said what exactly it does.
Heres how you can perform this update:
How To Update Your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con
1) From the Home menu, select System Settings. Then pick Sensors and controllers from the left-hand side.
2) Scroll down to Update Controllers, press it, and let the console do its thing.

Have you performed this upgrade? Seen any modifications to your Joy-Con? Inform us down below.


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