Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

One of the leading trending videos on YouTube right now, a teardown of the revised PlayStation 5 design, declares that the console is “even worse”. So just whats the deal with the lighter PS5 thats gone on sale in countries like Australia and even the UK over the previous month or so? Well, in addition to the brand-new thumb screw, hardware boffin Austin Evans video reveals that the heat sink has likewise changed.
Throughout the 13 minute teardown, the presenter makes a great deal of observations: power draw is practically similar, and he declares that the brand-new model is partially quieter than the initial– although its not going to be something youll observe. Using a temperature reader, he identifies that the new PS5s exhaust is outputting approximately three degrees Celsius more heat than its predecessor.
Its crucial to note here that he just determines the exhaust: not the internals itself. A consoles cooling service is created to draw out as much heat as possible, so this in itself is not necessarily a bad thing. Evans hypothesises, however, that the change in temperature level might be down to the fact that the device is just running hotter general, although well need to wait on additional testing to be sure of that.
Image: Austin Evans
His presumption is somewhat sound as side-by-sides of the heat sink do show a clear reduction in products and a modification in assembly parts. This might be a cost-cutting measure on Sonys part, or it could merely be a case of it requiring to source various parts during the coronavirus pandemic. Offered the popularity of this video, the firm will probably need to come out and remark.
Sadly, while the core details in the clip is fascinating, the framing of it has caused out-of-context bits being shared all over social networks. If youre in the market for a PS5, then dont resent this video. Yes, the console clearly has some internal changes, however theres no place near sufficient proof here to recommend its going to deal with overheating concerns, as is being suggested.


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