Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

The UK Home Office has officially spoken out regarding the ongoing rumours of Prince Harry having allegedly offered to foot the security bill of his wife Meghan Markle and kids Archie and Lilibet during their trips back to the UK.

Matt Wilkinson, a Royal Correspondent at The Sun delivered this contradiction.

He penned it all a tweet that reads,” “Last month after the Mail on Sunday broke the story, a spokesman for Harry responded with, ‘the duke first offered to pay personally for UK police protection for himself and his family in January of 2020 at Sandringham. ‘That offer was dismissed’.”

Later he explained that the Home Office had “strong words in response to Harry’s claims he would fund private security.”

“In documents handed to the court, the Home Office states Harry did not offer private funding when he returned in June 2021 or ‘any of the pre-action correspondence which followed’.”

Even Robert Palmer QC, acting for the Home Office spoke of the ongoing issue and explained, “Personal protective security by the police is not available on a privately financed basis.”

“Ravec does not make decisions on the provision of such security on the basis that any financial contribution could be sought or obtained to pay for it.”

They even went as far as to claim that Prince Harry’s offer to fund his own security was “notably not advanced to Ravec” at the time of his visit in June 2021.”


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