Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

Yes, the reports of Aaron Rodgers retiring from football next week are real.
PointsBet sports book tells PFT that the Green Bay over-under win overall, which PointsBet had actually re-installed earlier this month at nine, was gotten rid of midday Friday. PointsBet states it made the relocation due to speculation that Rodgers will be retiring.
This bolsters the report from Bill Huber of that several sports books have actually ditched numerous Packers-based wagers based upon the belief that Rodgers will retire next week.
It does not mean that he will. The folks who make their living in part by knowing whats truly going on behind the scenes have actually become adequately alarmed by whatever theyre hearing to not enable bettors to pack up on bets based on odds crafted under the presumption that Rodgers will show up and play for the Packers.
And now we all return to playing the waiting game. In the homestretch of this three-month journey, however, one particular possibility has actually moved to the forefront of the minds of those with clear financial reasons for knowing the fact– Rodgers revealing next week that hes stepping far from the game.
None of it suggests he cant return, as we learned multiple times from his predecessor with the Packers. But as the Packers prepare to go to camp, theres now a great reason to believe that Rodgers wont be there, not since hes holding out or taking more time to believe things over however due to the fact that hes had enough football for one life time.
A minimum of till next year, naturally, when he gets the trade out of Green Bay that he appears to so severely want.

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