Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

According to the letter, acquired by TMZ, PETA claims Doc has actually broken the Animal Welfare Act by permitting 7-year-old Royalty to swim with Bubbles, one of the elephants. The org claims it was extremely harmful for the girl to dive off the animals huge head.

Doc Antle letting Chris Browns young daughter take a delight trip on an elephants huge noggin wasnt just unsafe and reckless, however unlawful too … a minimum of according to PETA.

PETA cites a reg requiring specific animals to be kept at a reasonable and safe distance from people with correct barriers to guarantee the security of visitors.

The animal rights org fired off a letter Tuesday to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, getting in touch with it to investigate the Tiger King stars operation of his Myrtle Beach safari … declaring hes violating a number of guidelines … highlighting the most current occurrence with Chris kid.

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Myrtle Beach Safari

Theyre asking for a complete probe … calling on the USDA to hold him and his mates responsible for what PETA deems unsafe and careless habits.

By letting Royalty jump around– not to point out get raised by Bubbles effective trunk– PETA states its apparent Docs screwing up … and they insist its just the most recent alleged offense at the residential or commercial property.

Doc tells us PETA sent out a similar letter when Lil Pump visited, saying, “Not a thing came of that elephant problem after USDA examined it. Just a big waste of time and resources for the federal vets who have to inspect out these incorrect claims.


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