Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

(Getty Images) It is considered the best meteor shower of the year, and it has actually reached its peak this week.The perseids are known for being intense and fast meteors and often leave long “wakes” of light and color as they flash across the night sky, states NASA. The shower, which is renowned for its fireballs, travels at around 37 miles per 2nd and this week sky-gazers could see up 100 meteors per hour.The Perseids are viewable in the Northern Hemisphere from mid-July to the end of August, and will peak between 11 and 13 August, or Wednesday to Friday.NASA states the Perseids stem from the Swift-Tuttle comet, which takes 133 years to orbit the Earth and last checked out the inner solar system in 1992.

1628798633Perseid meteor shower in pictures: Best images as shooting star program set to peak tonightThe world is being dealt with to the Perseid meteor shower, possibly the emphasize of the night skys calendar.The shower causes brilliant and regular meteors spotting across the sky, and shows up in August. This year, the peak will take place on the night of 12 August and into the following morning– though it ought to show up soon after that, too.Andrew Griffin has the story.Graeme Massie12 August 2021 21:031628796653 Perseids meteor shower 2021: When does celestial spectacle peak and where can I see it in UK?The Perseid meteor shower will appear in the sky, providing fans of celestial spectaculars one of their biggest treats of the year.The shower appears in August every year, getting their name from the comet Perseus from which they appear to come from, and their intense shimmers from particles come by the comet Swift-Tuttle as they hit Earths atmosphere.Graeme Massie12 August 2021 20:301628791553 How to see the spectacular phenomenon in the United States and when is it?NASA says it is “thought about the finest meteor shower of the year” and are most noticeable in the pre-dawn hours but can be viewed as early as 10pm. Graeme Massie12 August 2021 19:051628788805 What are the three active ingredients needed for a meteor shower?Scientists say all that is required is the Sun, the Earth and a comet.Graeme Massie12 August 2021 18:20


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