Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

Lue Elizondo, formerly from the secretive Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), declares to have seen the UFO video footage. He describes it as showing unknown floating things for 23 minutes.”The video was incredibly engaging – among many – to the point where I remember getting some know-how to take a look at it,” Mr Elizondo informed YouTube channel Fade to Black.”I did not state what it was.”I sent it out to some highly qualified specialists in the ISR (Intelligence, monitoring, and reconnaissance) neighborhood.”And when they returned to me, the title of the e-mail was quote unquote that UFO video.”READ MORE: Hair-raising cigar-shaped UFO sighting by NASA astronautHe also said he hopes the footage will be launched to the public so “everybody can see it for themselves”. He teased that “there are other ones which are equally compelling”. It follows the release of a long-anticipated UFO report last month.Released on the site of the Office of the Director for National Intelligence, it shared 144 reports of what the United States federal government categorized as UFO encounters.”Of the 144 reports we are handling here, we have no clear indicators that there is any non-terrestrial description for them– however we will go wherever the information takes us,” a senior United States authorities stated.


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