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Impressive Games have revealed a brand-new Fortnite upgrade today (August 31 2020), v17.50. Heres whatever you need to understand including server downtime, when the servers will be back up, the file size of the upgrade, leakages and more.
Were 2 weeks far from the launch of Fortnite chapter 2 season 8. Prior to the release of a new season of Fortnite, we get teasers launched a few days prior to launch day. These teasers normally offer mean what to anticipate in the Battle Pass or brand-new functions that are included to the video game.
Prior to season 8 launches, we have one final season 7 Fortnite upgrade. Impressive Games revealed that the final upgrade, v17.50, will go live today, August 31st. Heres everything you require to know about the upgrade.
New Fortnite Update Today 17.50
Fortnite v17.50 Update Server Downtime
As usual, Epic Games announced the v17.50 Fortnite upgrade on the main Fortnite status Twitter account. The servers will go down for upkeep at 4 AM ET (9 AM BST). The servers will likely be down for arranged upkeep for at least an hour. Nevertheless, this season, weve seen longer downtime than normal for updates. When the servers are back up, well update this.
Matchmaking will be disabled half an hour before maintenance, however if youre in a game at the time, youll have the ability to complete the video game. Heres the tweet revealing the downtime on the Fortnite status account:
Fortnite v17.50 Update
Updates are usually readily available on consoles before its pushed to PC. Well upgrade this with the file size for v17.50 as quickly as they update is pressed to each platform.
Fortnite Leaks
Similar to all significant updates, anticipate leakages from the final spot of chapter 2 season 7. According to an insider with a strong track record, there will be a live occasion to end the season. The expert pointed out that the countdown will start on September 3rd. If thats the case, well see Epic include the files for the event which will be encrypted.
Nevertheless, its most likely data-miners will be able to leak the countdown timer ahead of time. Moreover, data-miners including Hypex have specified there will be back to school challenges. These will likely be included v17.50 and will be leaked during downtime.

Before season 8 launches, we have one last season 7 Fortnite update. Legendary Games announced that the last update, v17.50, will go live today, August 31st. As usual, Epic Games revealed the v17.50 Fortnite update on the official Fortnite status Twitter account. Well update this when the servers are back up.
As with all major updates, expect leaks from the last patch of chapter 2 season 7.

Anticipate new cosmetics to be leaked as normal. We will not get too lots of new cosmetics as were close to the end of the season. The Epic Games insider did discuss there will be a Shang-Chi cooperation. If the leakage is correct, well see it included the update.


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