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Activision mentioned that Vanguard was being constructed for next-gen consoles and PC, but it will also release on previous-gen consoles.
In their August 2021 incomes call, Activision verified that Vanguard will be available to “both existing and next-gen console players.” S, PS5, and PC through
Will Call of Duty: Vanguard integrate with Warzone?

Black Ops Cold War integrated with Warzone at its very first season, bringing across Operators, weapons, and even Zombies.
Activision has actually mentioned that they plan to keep Warzone at the front and center of Call of Duty for a long period of time. In the Q4 investor call, Activision confirmed that CoD 2021 is “designed to both incorporate with and improve the existing COD ecosystem.”
Then in the August 2021 revenues call, Activision said: “Now together with our premium release, weve had some really fun and what I consider the most substantial updated strategy for the neighborhood throughout both Warzone and premium as we head into the fall.”

Call of Duty games typically release in November. Modern Warfare and Black Ops 4 were both launched in October. Preferably, Call of Duty targets the first Friday of every November, as we saw for CoD: WW2 and Infinite Warfare releases.

It was greatly rumored that the game would be set throughout the World War II period once again, and Eurogamer reported that this will be real.

Henderson clarified that hes heard the brand-new cars will be airplanes, boats, and tanks. But, the more game-breaking vehicles will likely be reserved for an LTM.
The maps POIs apparently leaked online, however Henderson believes these may now run out date. Hes heard that the Docks place may now be ditched, and a Japanese battleship will feature on the map.
This map is stated to include destructible environments in a comparable style to Rainbow Six Siege. It wont include Battlefield level damage, however youll be able to destroy walls, doors, trees, and other elements of the environment.

The Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 5 crucial art has Japanese text in the background. One CoD fan equated one of the lines and it checks out: “Vanguard is coming.”
Now, with the Cold War Season 5 update live, dataminers have found Call of Duty: Vanguard artwork and its Special Edition in the game files. This dripped artwork confirms both the title, Vanguard, and its World War 2 setting.
Likewise, if this wasnt confirmation enough, the video games expose appeared on the PlayStation store, once again validating the name “Call of Duty: Vanguard.”
Call of Duty: Vanguard expose date

As constantly, a new year indicates a new Call of Duty game. Activision has kept their cards near to their chest with CoD 2021, however naturally, a lots of details has actually started to leak, including its setting, Zombies, and its Warzone combination.
With absolutely nothing being officially revealed yet, Vanguards release is as mysterious as it is interesting, however these leakages have actually provided us a strong indicator of what to anticipate from Call of Duty 2021.
Heres whatever we understand about the upcoming Call of Duty: Vanguard.
Call of Duty: Vanguard title & & teaser

Ahead of Vanguards main expose, dataminers found art work and th Ultimate Edition material in the Cold War Season 5 video game files. This offers us an appearance at what to expect in the premium Vanguard bundle.– CharlieIntel– Call of Duty News (@charlieINTEL) August 3, 2021

Ahead of Vanguards main expose, dataminers found artwork and th Ultimate Edition content in the Cold War Season 5 game files. This offers us a take a look at what to anticipate in the premium Vanguard bundle. This consists of Legendary Blueprints with tracer rounds, Operator skins, and early access to the Open Beta.
Heres everything in the leaked Vanguard Ultimate Edition:
Lucas– Operator SkinPolina– Operator SkinWade– Operator SkinBreacher– Legendary Assault Rifle BlueprintSnowstorm– Legendary Marksman Rifle Blueprint Thunderhead– Legendary Submachine Gun Blueprint Night Raid Mastercraft– PPSh-41 BlueprintFrontline Weapons PackExclusive EmblemDouble XP TokensOpen Beta Early Access
What engine will Call of Duty: Vanguard operate on?

With gamers typically switching between Cold War and Warzone, the engine shift can feel disconcerting, so fans are keen to discover which engine CoD: Vanguard will operate on.
A report by VGC declares that 2021s Call of Duty will be on Modern Warfares engine. This suggests the game will likely have the very same feel as MW and Warzone and will run similarly, boasting the same improvements to realism and efficiency.
Call of Duty: Vanguard platforms

Significant leaker and market insider Tom Henderson has leaked much more details about this new Warzone map. He reported that the map will get here with Vanguards release, and itll be substantially bigger than Verdansk.

The Friday tradition began with Black Ops 3, where video games prior to saw releases on the first Tuesday of November. Below you can check out a few of the recent Call of Duty releases.
Advanced Warfare: November 4, 2014Black Ops III: November 6, 2015Infinite Warfare: November 4, 2016WWII: November 3, 2017Black Ops 4: October 12, 2018Modern Warfare: October 25, 2019Black Ops Cold War: November 13, 2020
We might expect this years Call of Duty game to release on either the 2nd or very first Friday of November 2021. That offers us a possible date of either the 5th or 12th of November.
What we do know for sure is that Call of Duty Vanguard will launch in 2021. Throughout the companys Investor Call on August 3, Activision Blizzard executives confirmed that the most recent premium entry to the Call of Duty franchise will launch later this year.
Call of Duty news account ModernWarzone apparently leaked that the video game would launch on November 11, however this must be taken with a grain of salt.
CoD: Vanguard setting and time period

In Activisions Q4 incomes call, they validated that a brand-new Call of Duty video game would be releasing in 2021, with Sledgehammer Games in charge of development.
Sledgehammer released Call of Duty: WWII in 2017 but faced problems after their co-founders and numerous employee left. Nevertheless, Sledgehammer worked with over 150 brand-new individuals to the studio in 2020 and recently opened a new studio in Toronto.
Activision said that “Development is being led by Sledgehammer Games, and the video game is looking terrific and on track for its fall release.”
There is another extensively believed report that Treyarch will be developing the Zombies alongside Sledgehammer. The typical theory is that Cold Wars Dark Aether story will continue into Vanguard, however theres no official verification on this.
Call of Duty: Vanguard Ultimate Edition leaked

A June 9, 2021 report by VGC states that the combination in between Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard will be really extensive thanks to Sledgehammer Games having more time to get ready for it. This combination will see Warzone transition to a World War II setting following its transition to the 1980s in Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War.
New Warzone map supposedly showing up with Vanguard
The transition to a WW2 setting will see a new Pacific Theater World War II Warzone map be the main focus, as it will apparently be the biggest map the Call of Duty fight royale has ever seen. This new Warzone map will likewise reportedly feature new automobiles for gamers to use.

Kostich states Warzones most significant updates are coming this fall. Studios have together in “incredible methods” and “incredible work” for the franchise.– CharlieIntel– Call of Duty News (@charlieINTEL) August 3, 2021

Now, we have main confirmation that Vanguard will be set during the Second World War. Material developers got teasers ahead of the reveal that validated Vanguard will take location in the Pacific Front, North Africa, the Eastern Front, and the Western Front.
These were the theaters of war that incorporated World War 2, so we understand that Vanguard will explore practically all elements of the WW2.
” Task Force Vanguard” was likewise teased in these brief videos, which is likely what the video games campaign will focus around.
Which studio is establishing CoD: Vanguard?

There was a lot of leakages and rumors that Call of Duty: Vanguard would be exposed inside Warzone in August, and this has now been verified.

It was previously dripped by VGC and Eurogamer that Call of Duty 2021 would be called Call of Duty: Vanguard, which has actually now been confirmed.

Call of Responsibility: Lead is on the horizon, and heres everything we understand about the upcoming games release date, whos developing it, leaks, and its Warzone integration.

One of the biggest talking points when going over Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is the engine. Infinity Ward brought an entirely brand-new, more realistic-feeling engine with Modern Warfare and Warzone, while Cold War used an updated variation of the Black Ops 3 engine with a more classic CoD feel.

Call of Duty video games traditionally launch in November. Ideally, Call of Duty targets the very first Friday of every November, as we saw for CoD: WW2 and Infinite Warfare releases.

A brand-new image on the PlayStation store has exposed that Vanguard will be revealed in Call of Duty: Warzone on August 19 at 10:30 AM PST/ 1:30 PM ET/ 6:30 PM BST/ 3:30 AM (Aug 20) AEST.
This follows Cold Wars reveal inside Warzone in 2020, where players were entrusted with finding Woods in Verdansk prior to running to Stadium to see the trailer. Gamers can anticipate a comparable occasion for Vanguard, however there are no details yet.
CoD: Vanguard release date

Well be sure to update this post with any new info, as it becomes available.
A new Battlefield game will likewise be launched late in 2021, and the game has now been officially exposed, so you can have a look at everything we understand about Battlefield 2042 and its exciting new Portal mode.
Image Credit: Activision/ Microsoft


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