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With an 8 point lead with 32.7 seconds left, it looks like Team WNBA is about set to upset Team USA in the WNBA All-Star Game. A big blow for United States femaless basketball that is also a big win for US femaless basketball.

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Heres the problem with the WNBA All-Star Game, were ideal in the last few minutes of that video game however were also near Opening Tip here in Milwaukee. Its just super-awkward things.

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Email from Andrew James:

Hunter mate,
And have injuries made or destroyed these play offs? And how will the final frame next season?
Questions, questions …

Okay thats a few things here. Well, Chris Paul is among the best point player in NBA history and, at 36, this is actually the very first and most likely last possibility to win a championship. It makes good sense that he would be getting his flowers here. Perhaps its a little over-the-top here, but thats constantly the case with whatever during the Finals. We love our storylines.
As far as injuries: basketball is always much better when its best players are healthy and able to play. We didnt get that this year and its definitely frustrating. It should not take anything far from whoever wins the Finals, however it would have been great to see how this would have played out if the league were at anything close to full-strength.
As far as how these Finals will set up next? I dont know, they may not, due to the fact that of the injuries and all the video games pressed back thanks to Covid-19, this might simply be kept in mind as a weird blip of a year.

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Phoenix Suns beginners
And the Suns are choosing their typical starters too. Hey go with the guys who got you there, as the stating goes.
Chris Paul, PG
Devin Booker, SG
Mikal Bridges, SF
Jae Crowder, PF
Deandre Ayton, C.

1.48 am BST.

Milwaukee Bucks starters.
It looks like were getting the very same lineup as Game 1 for the Bucks:.
Jrue Holiday, PG.
JR Tucker, PF.
Khris Middleton, SG.
Giannis Antetokounmpo, SF.
Brook Lopez, C.

1.43 am BST.

At the end of three quarters, the WNBA All-Star Game is tied at 66-66. Um, if this video game ends up being a Team USA loss does it count against them like the guyss teams exhibit losses, or is it okay since the All-WNBA team is mainly American?

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I will state this, its most likely not excellent to have the WNBA All-Star game going on as we get closer to Game 4s opening suggestion, but this is a heck of a lot more fun than grinding ones teeth attempting to make it through another pregame program. With 4:23 left in the 3rd quarter, Team All-Star have a.

1.30 am BST.

Shams Charania.
( @ShamsCharania).
Wizards star Bradley Beal has gone into health and safety procedures at Team USA camp, positioning his return to play status up in the air, sources inform me and @joevardon.

The universe keeps giving us all indications that perhaps it isnt the finest idea to hold the Olympics at all this summertime.

July 15, 2021.

1.25 am BST.

Not knowing Giannis Antetokounmpos status, I forecasted that the Suns would beat the Bucks in five games. Its truthfully perplexing because when he suffered his leg injury in the Eastern Conference Finals it actually did look like he was going to be out for the postseason and perhaps for the start of next season.
I am still locked into my Suns-in-five prediction so I have no choice but to anticipate that they will beat the Bucks today (and in the next game). Feel complimentary to send us your personal predictions, either email them to or tweet @HunterFelt and well include them here.

1.21 am BST.

Guys Olympic Basketball Team.
Mentioning the Olympics, the mens basketball group actually won their last game after starting 0-2 in exhibition games, losing to both Australia and Nigeria. While they absolutely butchered Argentina this time around, they won by 28 points, it wasnt enough to alleviate concerns that this may be the most vulnerable guyss team in decades. If other nations have genuine chances at winning the gold, that may not be great news for the U.S. but it wouldnt be bad for the sport.

1.17 am BST.

Allie Quigley wins the WNBA Three Point Contest.
Allie Quigley has won the three-point contest here throughout halftime, her third such win, and were heading back to the All-Star Game.

1.15 am BST.

WNBA All-Star Game.
Now, the WNBA All-Star Game is taking place on ESPN, pitting the members of the femaless basketball Olympics team vs. a group of WNBA All-Stars. In this manner, its not simply an All-Star Game however likewise a de facto Olympics tune-up game. Now, after 2 quarters, Team All-Stars have a slim 44-43 lead over Team USA.
You may ask if it feels a little odd that the WNBA All-Star Game, which is supposed to be the day to showcase the league, is essentially acting as the opening act for an NBA Finals game. Yes, yes it performs in fact. Likewise: the three-point competitors is taking location here at halftime?

1.05 am BST.

So, a lot has actually taken place because the last we were here. In Game 1 of the NBA Finals, the Phoenix Suns beat the Milwaukee Bucks 118-105 in spite of the surprise return of Giannis Antetokounmpo to the Bucks lineup. Antetokounmpo looked more like himself in Game 2, but it still wasnt enough to beat a Phoenix group shooting on all cylinders. The Bucks protected house court in Sundays Game 3, a dominant efficiency that altered the characteristics of the entire Finals. Now the concern is if the Bucks can do it when again, binding the series 2-2, or will the Suns make the changes and take a commanding 3-1 lead.
This is now– and I know youre most likely ill of this turn of phrase but its true– the pivotal game of the Finals. Either were going to get a guaranteed six games or the Bucks are going to be pressed to the brink of removal. Heres my thought: The Bucks won Game 3 since Antetokounmpo flaunted the abilities that made him a two-time MVP, installing 41 points alongside 13 rebounds and 6 helps. The Suns will probably provide him additional attention in Game 4, knowing now that hes something near full strength. The Suns could devote in ensuring that anyone else but Giannis ratings. This would be Khris Middletons time to shine after something of an up-and-down postseason if so. Weve currently seen what he can do when he fumes and hes overdue to have a huge video game.
On the other hand, its completely possible that Game 3 was something of a fluke. For the very first two games, and even for much of Game 3s first half, the Suns have looked like the superior group. The Bucks were always too excellent to have a counter-punch in them, now that the Suns have absorbed it, they have an opportunity to land ther knockout blow. It likewise may not injure that the long layover (thank you MLB All-Star Game) has actually given them time to make required changes.
Like always, were looking for your ideas throughout todays game, you can email them (to or tweet them (to @HunterFelt). Its Game 4 of the NBA Finals in between the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks at Fiserv Forum.

12.45 am BST.

Speaking of the Olympics, the guyss basketball group in fact won their last video game after starting off 0-2 in exhibition games, losing to both Australia and Nigeria. Now, the WNBA All-Star Game is taking location on ESPN, pitting the members of the womens basketball Olympics team vs. a group of WNBA All-Stars. You might ask if it feels a little unusual that the WNBA All-Star Game, which is supposed to be the day to display the league, is generally acting as the opening act for an NBA Finals game. Antetokounmpo looked more like himself in Game 2, however it still wasnt enough to defeat a Phoenix team shooting on all cylinders. For the first 2 video games, and even for much of Game 3s first half, the Suns have actually looked like the superior group.

Hunter will be here shortly. In the meantime heres an appearance back at Sundays Game 3.


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