Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

The sentence is awkwardly worded, however he appears to be suggesting that this online video game will maintain the studios core storytelling worths. Precisely how thats going to work, in a multiplayer landscape, has us scratching our head.
Naughty Dog never does things by halves, and it had currently warned us that Factions had actually taken on a life of its own– but, honestly, were having a hard time to envision what this is even going to be. It does still feel like its years away– we suppose the studio got overthrown by the pandemic like everybody else. Of course, were delighted to wait for the completed task, however it d be good to get some insight into what the studios really doing, would not it?

Simply what the hell is Naughty Dog cooking? For the longest time, we thought The Last of Us: Part IIs standalone multiplayer mode would be a larger spending plan variation of the SOCOM-style competitive shooter it shipped with the initial video game, and we envisioned we d be playing it by now. Its been well over a year since Ellies sophomore story delivered, and we havent heard a peep about the developers online task.
In reality, it sounds like its still eons away: the Californian business is continuing to hire heavily for the game. Open positions include whatever from developers to designers– it was likewise hiring an “economy designer” not too long ago, recommending this will be a major service video game with routine updates. Remarks made by co-Game Director Vinit Agarwal have actually captured our attention.
Were aggressively hiring – apply if you desire to be part of bringing the cinematic experience between gamers in our brand-new standalone multiplayer action video game.— Vinit Agarwal (@vinixkun) August 27, 2021


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