Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

NASAs Ingenuity Mars helicopter just marked an essential milestone. reports that Ingenuity crossed the one-mile mark for overall distance flown with its 10th flight on July 24th, when it took a trip over the Jezero Craters “Raised Ridges” area. That might not sound like a lot of flying, however NASA was just preparing a few test flights for Ingenuity before broadening the vehicles role– the robotic airplane wouldnt have covered nearly as much ground otherwise.
This was likewise the most enthusiastic flight to date. The helicopter needed to swing past 10 different waypoints, and flew to a record-high altitude of 40ft throughout the 310ft journey. It also needed to catch enough images to help NASA produce stereoscopic images of Raised Ridges and help inform a possible check out from the Perseverance rover.
Its unclear simply the number of more miles Ingenuity can rack up. The helicopter is the very first of its kind, and tends to push limits with each brand-new flight. The one-mile threshold is substantial by itself, though– it recommends the airplane may achieve a lot throughout Perserverances planned two-year mission, and potentially more.

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