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A MUM has actually told of her distress after finding out her three-year-old boys stomach pains was actually phase four cancer.
Demi Chapman, 23, believed Freddy needs to have been constipated when she took him to A&E with stomach discomfort on July 17.
5Three-year-old Freddy Barnes is going through chemo at Birmingham Childrens Hospital after being detected with phase 4 cancerCredit: BPM
He had actually been grumbling of the discomfort for simply over a week and was given an ultrasound, Birmingham Mail reports.
Physicians discovered a tumour in between the tots liver and kidney and a CT scan showed the cancer had already infected his chest.
Describing the minute she was provided the news, Demi, from Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham, said: “It definitely broke my heart. I never ever believed in a million years it could be cancer.
” Before I took him to healthcare facility, he was still running around and playing although he was feeling inadequately.
” I simply believed he had irregularity due to the fact that he was saying he had a tummy pains and after that he stopped going to the toilet, however then the physician recommended him some laxatives and he began going again.”
The mum-of-four said Freddy, who has a twin bro and another bro and sis, began to get more unhealthy and didnt wish to get up off the sofa.
5Demi was heartbroken when she heard her son had cancerCredit: BPM
5Doctors discovered a tumour in between Freddys liver and kidneyCredit: BPM
5Freddy with his twin brother Finley, sis Mayla and huge sibling MasonCredit: BPM
” Thats when I took him to A&E,” she stated.
Freddys cancer, stage 4 neuroblastoma, is now being treated with chemotherapy and he is anticipated to be in and out of Birmingham Childrens Hospital for the next year.
Its hoped that after 3 months of treatment, the tumour will be little enough to operate.
But Freddys household are still waiting to hear whether the cancer has actually spread out to his bone marrow.
Freddys nursery, Smart Start in Sutton Coldfield, has actually set up a fundraising page to assist support the kids household while he is in health center.
The page had a target of ₤ 500 but has already gathered over ₤ 3,000.
Demi, who is from Sutton however is now residing in Handsworth, said she was “overwhelmed” by the kind gesture.

Jenny Harris, the manager at Smart Start, said: “We thought it was such an embarassment whats taken place to Freddy. He was only in nursery two weeks back and he was definitely fine.
” We set out to raise ₤ 500 for some pyjamas and toys etc and to assist mum with taking a trip to and from medical facility and we couldnt believe the action weve had. Its been shared everywhere.”
You can make a contribution to Freddys Just Giving page here.
Finding the symptomsCancer symptoms can be really similar to those of other childhood health problems – and they vary between children.
According to Cancer Research UK, there are 15 signs to look out for:

Unable to wee, or has blood in their wee
An unexplained swelling, firmness or swelling throughout their body
Relentless stomach discomfort or swelling
Back discomfort or bony pain that doesnt go away
Unusual seizures or modifications in behaviour
Headaches that do not disappear
Unexplained or regular bruising, uncommon paleness or a rash of little red or purple spots that cant be described
Inexplicable bleeding
Feeling tired all the time
Frequent infections or flu-like symptoms
Unexplained vomiting
Unusual fever (heats) or sweating
Unexplained weight reduction
Feeling brief of breath
Modifications in appearance of the eye or uncommon eye reflections in images

5Freddy pictured with his twin bro FinleyCredit: BPM
The 6 signs youre at threat of cancer


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