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UK Government is cautious but not ‘concerned’ about Monkeypox outbreak

A British minister has insisted monkeypox is not a “repeat of Covid” as he attempted to quell fears.

Simon Clarke, the chief secretary to the Treasury, said the virus “certainly does not appear to be anywhere near the same platform of seriousness” as the Covid-19 pandemic.

He also mentioned the fact there was already a vaccine available that works for monkeypox as he spoke to media on Monday morning.

It comes as the UK braces for more cases to be announced on top of the current tally of 20.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation has confirmed 92 confirmed cases of monkeypox around the world – including Europe and the US – and another 28 suspected infections.

This tally does not include cases in Israel, Switzerland and Austria that were announced later.

Monkeypox – which belongs to the same virus family as smallpox but gives milder symptoms – is rarely identified outside of Africa.


What has been the trajectory in the England?

7 May: One case confirmed in England. Patients had recently travelled to Nigeria where they were believed to have picked the virus up.

14 May: Two people who live together in London confirmed as having monkeypox.

16 May: Four more cases confirmed: three in London and one in the North East.

18 May: Two more cases confirmed: one in London, the other in the South East.

20 May: Eleven more cases in England confirmed.

Another announcement on monkeypox cases expected later today. Stay tuned for more.

Zoe Tidman23 May 2022 09:43


ICYMI: Scientists ‘stunned’ by global spread

Experts who have monitored previous outbreaks of monkeypox have said they are “stunned” by the recent spread of the virus in Europe and North America.

Zoe Tidman23 May 2022 09:24


Watch: UK minister denies Covid comparison

Simon Clarke, the chief secretary to the Treasury, has said monkeypox is not a “repeat” of the Covid pandemic.

Watch his make the comments here:

UK Government is cautious but not ‘concerned’ about Monkeypox outbreak

Zoe Tidman23 May 2022 09:04


UK tally expected to increase today

The UK is expected to announce an increase on its 20 confirmed cases of monkeypox later today.

It comes after a senior doctor warned new cases were being reported every day.

Furvah Shah reports on the situation in the UK:

Zoe Tidman23 May 2022 08:49


UK minister says Monkeypox not ‘some repeat of Covid’

Monkeypox is not a “repeat of” Covid-19, a UK government minister has assured.

“As with any new disease, and obviously after the Covid pandemic doubly so, we continue to monitor this very closely,” Simon Clarke, the chief secretary to the Treasury, told Sky News.

“I would say I am cautious but I am certainly not concerned about our ability to handle the situation.

“There is a vaccine which is available and works for monkeypox, and all the evidence is that it is spread by physical contact.

Mr Clarke added: “What I would say is we are cautious but we are certainly not in a position where I would in anyway worry the public that this is some repeat of Covid, because it certainly does not appear to be anywhere near the same platform of seriousness.”

Zoe Tidman23 May 2022 08:06


Joe Biden says US stockpiles are ‘enough’

Joe Biden has also said the smallpox vaccine works for monkeypox.

Asked whether the US has enough stockpiles of that vaccine to handle the monkeypox spread, the US president said: “I think we do have enough to deal with the likelihood of a problem.”

Joe Biden says the US stockpiles are ‘enough’ to deal with monkeypox threat

(AFP via Getty Images)

Zoe Tidman23 May 2022 08:00


Joe Biden seeks to calm monkeypox concerns

The US president has sought to calm concerns about recent cases of monkeypox around the globe.

Joe Biden said at the weekend the virus was something “to be concerned about”.

He has now clarified: “I just don’t think it rises to the level of the kind of concern that existed with Covid-19.”

Zoe Tidman23 May 2022 07:46


Monkeypox explained

Here is a quick reminder about what we know about monkeypox so far:

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Belgium becomes first country to order 21-day compulsory quarantine

Belgium has become the first country a compulsory 21-day quarantine for monkeypox patients.

All those testing positive for monkeypox virus would have to self-isolate for three weeks Belgian health authorities have said, after at least four cases were confirmed.

Shweta Sharma23 May 2022 07:05


Latest monkeypox cases tally across the world

An increasing number of countries are reporting their first cases of monkeypox while the tally has been rising in countries where the virus is already present. The outbreak is now said to be the “largest and most widespread ever seen in Europe” where a dozen of countries have reported cases.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has confirmed that there are 20 cases of monkeypox in the country since the first case was detected on 6 May. “We anticipated that further cases would be detected through our active case finding with NHS services and heightened vigilance among healthcare professionals,” Susan Hopkins said.

In the US, the tally is expected to rise to three after a health agency is running tests on an individual in south Florida. The case in Broward County, Florida, is “related to international travel,” CDC said on Sunday. The two other cases have been detected in Massachusetts and New York city.

The total tally in Spain reached 30 after 23 cases were confirmed in a single day. A sauna in Madrid has been linked to a majority of cases which has been closed. Madrid authorities said they are working on tracing the cases mainly from a super-spreader event in the sauna.

Canada has confirmed five cases of the virus since the first was detected on Friday. Authorities said provinces are continuing to investigate “a couple dozen” possible cases throughout Canada and more are expected to be confirmed in the coming days.

Australia has at least two cases of monkeypox after the cases were detected in people returning from abroad. A man in his 30s who arrived in Melbourne on Monday was confirmed to have the virus, Victoria state’s health department said, while another case was identified in Sydney in a man in his 40s who had recently travelled to Europe.

The country has become the first in the world to make 21-day quarantine for the patients affected by the virus. It has at least five cases of the virus.

The country has 21 to 30 confirmed cases, according to WHO. All the Portuguese cases involve men, most of them young, authorities said.

In Europe, other countries to report at least one to five infections are France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany.

Shweta Sharma23 May 2022 06:54


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