Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

UFC 4! Tropico 6! Bloodroots! More!

Microsoft has announced a string of games coming soon to Xbox Game Pass.8 th July sees Dragon Quest Builders 2 (cloud) struck the subscription service, as well as Tropico 6 (pc, console and cloud), and UFC 4 (console) by means of EA Play.

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15th July adds Bloodroots (pc, cloud and console), Farming Simulator 19 (cloud, console and PC), and The Medium (cloud). Satirical dungeon crawler Going Under remains in Xbox Game Pass (pc, console and cloud) now.Microsoft stated this is its preliminary of July Xbox Game Pass announcements, so anticipate more to come later this month.A raft of games are leaving Xbox Game Pass quickly. On 14th July, EA Sports UFC and EA Sports UFC 2 will both be delisted from EA Play, therefore likewise leave Xbox Game Pass.Then, on 15th July, Endless Space 2 (PC), Downwell (PC) and CrossCode (pc, console and cloud) all leave Xbox Game Pass.Anything take your fancy?


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