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Pedal response is progressive and ever gentle, and the cars straight-out efficiency level higher than a lot of will frequently tap. Handling is safe and secure, contained and extremely foreseeable, delivered through relatively light, filtered, medium-paced, easy-going steering. Although the S-Class will endure being hurried along, close body control and particular cornering agility dont actually feature amongst its dynamic strengths. Frankly, nor should they.

Mercedes 2.9-litre turbocharged diesel 400d engine is a good fit for the S-Class, proving torquey, peaceful (other than when striving at revs) and real-world prudent, too (40mpg at a fast cruise). All it lacks is much in the way of appealing audible appeal.

Nevertheless, more so than the cars size or how it flights or performs, itll be your reaction to the S-Classs brand-new digitally enriched cockpit that will likely choose whether youll truly get on with it or not. Between its 3D digital instruments, its hectic, extra-large augmented-reality head-up screen, and its looming 12.9 in MBUX touchscreen infotainment system (the very first two are alternatives), the cars and truck appears to transmit information at you in something of a distracting assault at.

The 3D instrument display screen might be unique however it can also be a difficulty to concentrate on, depending on what its really displaying at the time. (Its in fact got 2 separate overlaid screens that target your left and ideal eyes separately.) The navigation arrows that appear on the head-up display to suggest which exit you need to take at a roundabout, or which side road youre intending for, arent always as practical as you may picture they d be.

As soon as youve discovered to configure the cars different screens to your preference, the impact is less full on and more user-friendly; but while a few of its digital display screen functions can be helpful, others definitely appear faddish and superfluous. Theyre there for the wow factor, without question.

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