Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

Matt Damon has released a statement to clarify his current remarks about utilizing the “f-slur for a homosexual”. In an interview with The Sunday Times published this weekend, Damon said that the offensive term for gay individuals was “frequently used when I was a kid, with a various application.” He provoked controversy by including that he d used the term in a joke “months ago” and that his daughter had actually informed him not to.Damon has now attended to the concern in a declaration to The Hollywood Reporter. It starts: “During a recent interview, I recalled a discussion I had with my child where I tried to contextualize for her the progress that has been made– though by no means completed– considering that I was growing up in Boston and, as a kid, heard the word f * g used on the street before I knew what it even referred to.”He goes on to say that the word was utilized in a line of dialogue in a 2003 movie, Stuck On You, in which Damon andGreg Kinnear play conjoined twins. His daughter, he states, “expressed incredulity that there could ever have been a time where that word was utilized unthinkingly.”The statement concludes: “I have never ever called anyone f **** t in my personal life and this discussion with my daughter was not a personal awakening. I do not use slurs of any kind. I have actually found out that removing bias needs active movement toward justice instead of discovering passive comfort in envisioning myself one of the great guys. And given that open hostility versus the LGBTQ+ neighborhood is still not uncommon, I understand why my declaration led numerous to presume the worst. To be as clear as I can be, I stand with the LGBTQ+ community.”Damons decision to share the initial anecdote about the homophobic slur triggered widespread criticism, consisting of from the comedian and TELEVISION speaker Billy Eichner.


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