Mon. Nov 29th, 2021
Manchester City

  • City had camera fixed on dugout during 2-2 draw at Anfield
  • Image sent as part of report for Liverpool’s investigation

Manchester City have an image of the Liverpool supporter who allegedly spat at their bench during Sunday’s 2-2 draw at Anfield. It will be given to Liverpool to aid its investigation into the incident.

While it is understood the actual moment is not captured in the still, the champions had a camera fixed on their dugout throughout the game and have included the image in their account of the incident in a report for Liverpool.

It is believed there were a number of witnesses who can verify the allegation should the suspected fan deny culpability.

City have not made a complaint to Merseyside Police but it is understood the club is keeping all options open. While spitting at any time is considered reprehensible, for this to have allegedly occurred during a time where the pandemic means hygiene is vital has caused particular disquiet.

“I didn’t see it but I hear about it,” said Pep Guardiola. “The people told me this happened. I am pretty sure Liverpool FC is going to take a measure against this person. I know Liverpool is greater than this actions. In every club there are people who make a bad action because of their emotions.”

If the fan is guilty of the offence, Liverpool may decide a ban is the requisite punishment. In 2018, Doncaster banned a person from attending games after an incident during their game at Bristol Rovers. A ballboy was allegedly spat at by the fan in the away end.












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