Tue. Sep 28th, 2021

Cholesterol is a fatty substance in the blood, and too much cholesterol can block blood vessels. In many cases, high cholesterol is acquired. But it is mainly brought on by lifestyle factors like being overweight, not exercising enough, eating fatty food, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. High cholesterol can result in heart problems or stroke, so it is essential to take steps to lower high cholesterol.There are some basic swaps that people can make to change foods high in saturated fats in favour of foods which contain more unsaturated fat.As charity Heart UK describes on its site, things like butter, hard type of coconut, margarine or palm oil, can be changed with oils made from seeds and vegetables such as olive, rapeseed, sunflower and soya oil, and fat spreads made from these.Fatty and processed meats, like sausages and salami, can be changed with lean meat like turkey and chicken with the skin off, white fish or oily fish a minimum of when a week.Heart UK adds: “Have meat-free days – attempt meals based upon beans, pulses, Quorn, tofu, nuts or soya meat options.”One of the very best methods to examine whether foods are high in saturated fat is to examine the label on foods.More details on consuming to lower cholesterol can be discovered on the Heart UK site HERE. DONT MISS: James Martin didnt understand about his condition till he was 30 years old [INSIGHT] Acne diet plan: The 3 foods to prevent for clear skin [ANALYSIS] How to eliminate visceral fat: Cortisol may increase the belly fat [INSIGHT] High cholesterol does not trigger symptoms, and it is typically detected through a blood test.Anyone ought to ask their GP for a cholesterol test if they have not had a test before and they are over 40, overweight, or high cholesterol or heart problems run in their family.If someone has actually got high cholesterol and is concerned about it, they should speak to their GP.


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