Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

A call from Track and Trace, late test outcomes and airport lines are among the possible stumbling blocks, even for the double jabbed. Emma Featherstone composes.
” If you are planning a journey overseas this summer there are a variety of possible catches to consider. Foremost, whether your chosen location is welcoming UK tourists and, if so, what entry requirements it has in place, such as proof of complete vaccination or proof of a negative Covid test. Must you need a test for entry, it is possible that the outcome will not be delivered in time.
” Next is travel insurance coverage: as of July 10, there were 80 nations on the amber list to which the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) was still encouraging against non-essential travel. It will be difficult to protect cover needs to your location feature amongst these.
” Then, obviously, it is possible that you could evaluate positive for coronavirus– or be contacted by Track and Trace– at some point before your vacation (or certainly discover that you have the virus while abroad).
” Despite all this, if you keep the potential stumbling blocks in mind (this list is not extensive), prepare for any issues and stay flexible, it is possible to have a satisfying holiday abroad this summer season. We describe a few of the prospective risks in more information and how finest to prevent, or minimize, them.”.
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