Sat. Jan 29th, 2022

The race winner Esteban Ocon was commemorating his victory while Hamilton appeared to be exhausted

Possibly it was hydration, I dont know, but it was certainly various.”After the news conference, Hamilton was assisted to his feet by the race winner Esteban Ocon and a member of Mercedes staff.Hamilton contracted COVID-19 in Dubai in December and has practically 4 weeks away from competitors prior to his next race in Belgium on 29 August.

Hamilton had actually driven well but was physically having a hard time later on

Lewis Hamilton has actually stated he has symptoms of long COVID after needing medical assistance following Sundays Hungarian Grand Prix.The seven-time world champion had actually carried out fantastically to move from last location to third in the Hungarian Grand Prix, later on being upgraded to 2nd location after the disqualification of Sebastian Vettel.Hamiltons hard-fought efficiency in the 70-lap race gave him the lead in the Solution One world champion.

Afterwards, he appeared to be struggling – he needed help to get to the podium and appeared too weak to hold the celebratory bottle of champagne.He was taken to see the Mercedes group medical professional and was later said to be suffering from dizziness and fatigue.At a post-race news conference, the 36-year-old stated: “I havent spoken to anybody especially about long COVID, however I believe it is remaining there.” I was having genuine dizziness and whatever got a bit blurred on the podium. I have actually been battling with staying healthy following what happened at the end of last year, but still its a battle.
” I keep in mind the effects of when I had COVID, and training has been different since then. The level of fatigue that you get is different and its a genuine obstacle.


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