Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Genes linked to same-sex sexual behaviour (pictured) are likewise discovered in straight people– where they are associated with having more sexual partners, a research study has actually found (stock image) Researchers led from the University of Queensland, who studied the genomes of 477,522 individuals from both the UK and the US using information from both the UK Biobank and 23andMeOTHER THEORIES The brand-new hypothesis put forward by Professor Zietsch and associates is the not the only one to use an explanation for how to fix up a genetic basis for homosexual behaviour with evolutionary theory.One leading concept relies on the idea of kin selection– and is sometimes dubbed the gay uncle hypothesis.In this theory, homosexual individuals support their relatives– such as by assisting offer resources, food and security– consequently making sure a continuation of their familys genes, if at the expense of their own.This method, from an evolutionary viewpoint, the more comprehensive benefits of same-sex sexual behaviour might outweigh the apparent disadvantages. In their research study, the group analysed the genomes of an overall of 477,522 individuals from the UK and US, comparing those who had engaged in same-sex sexual behaviour with those who exclusively had sex with members of the opposite sex.Data for the study was gathered from both the UK Biobank– a large-scale database including comprehensive hereditary and health info on half-a-million individuals– as well as the records of the personal genomics business 23andMe. Individuals in the UK Biobank study likewise provided information on the total number of sexual partners that they had over their lifetime.From this, the researchers then looked among the genomes of 358,426 heterosexual subjects for associations in between the previously-identified genes connected to same-sex sexual behaviour and the number of sexual partners each individual reported.


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