Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

Kane did disappoint up for pre-season tests on Monday as supposedly expected by Spurs, rather staying on holiday in the Bahamas prior to travelling to Florida.


Harry Kane s statement clearing up the situation surrounding his absence from the Tottenham training school was identified a PR stunt.

Kane will go back to the Tottenham training school this weekend

He told the Sports Bar: For me, that response from Harry Kane is from that interview and that is a substantial PR stunt to state this is potentially not going to happen..

Everyone would have been all right, no issue..

All of a sudden Harry Kane may be believing he needs to backtrack a bit and return onside with the Spurs fans.

Are Spurs fans that unpredictable? Even though he s the talisman, are you delighted about it? I m not delighted about it, I m annoyed.

Kane publicly talked about the circumstance on Friday.


I wouldn t do anything to jeopardise the relationship with the fans who have provided me such unwavering support during my time with the club. This has always been the case as it is today. Harry.

Kane s declaration came after Guardiola had actually spoken to the media, and previous Spurs midfielder Jamie O Hara questioned the timing of the release.

That s why it harms to check out a few of the comments this week, questioning my professionalism.


Pep Guardiola on Friday confirmed City would be really interested in the striker, however admitted an offer would be difficult to conclude.

He said: If Tottenham put on t want to work out, it is finished.

Are Spurs fans that unpredictable? Even though he s the talisman, are you happy about it? I m not happy about it, I m annoyed.

He s let this whole scenario happen for 4 days then come out after Pep has stated it may not take place.

If he enters a month s time and Daniel Levy gets his money then you can have the argument about whether it was the right move and Spurs have actually got the best deal.

Kane was criticised for his actions, however has just spoken out five days after the furore started.

He might have done this on Tuesday and stated hold on a minute, I m away. I m coming back, I m never going to not train for the football club.

While I won t enter into the specifics of the scenario, I desire to clarify that I would never ever, and have never, declined to train. I will be returning to the club tomorrow, as planned.

They ve got Jack Grealish, have spend some cash. Lionel Messi is offered now on a free and Pep will be on the phone trying to get him.

He published on social networks: It s almost ten years given that I made my Spurs launching. For each one of those years, you the fans have actually revealed me total love and support.

Kane will only get his move far from Tottenham if his cost tag is satisfied.

He could have done this on Tuesday and said hang on a minute, I m away. I m coming back, I m never ever going to not train for the football club. I m simply having a little bit of an extended break after the Euros.

The England striker desires a relocation far from the club this summer season, however they are stated to be reluctant to budge on the ₤ 160million price.


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