Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

( Image: PA).

Greenpeace activists have actually dumped a substantial pile of plastic waste outside Downing Street in a demonstration against the UK dumping its trash overseas. The pile 625kg of plastic rubbish was dropped outside Number 10 on Tuesday early morning after more the 250,000 people, and 38 MPs, signed a petition calling for overseas plastic discarding to end. The charity stated in a series of tweets that people in countries where UK plastic waste was being discarded and burned report serious health issues.

” UK plastic waste disposed abroad is often burned in the open air, with neighborhoods in Malaysia reporting serious health problems, such as breathing issues and nosebleeds. The government needs to stop fuelling this health crisis. “The UK government claims to be a world leader in tackling plastic – but in truth theyre fuelling the plastic crisis and unlawfully exporting our waste. The UK is the most significant manufacturer of plastic waste per person on the planet behind the USA. The govt needs to decrease plastic.”.


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