Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Scientists with Googles quantum computing division simply released a study to the pre-print server ArXiv declaring to have actually produced physics-defying “Time Crystals” utilizing the companys Sycamore quantum computer, and its truthfully impossible to state how huge of an offer this may turn out to be.As Quanta Magazine explains, a time crystal is both stable and constantly in flux, with definable states duplicating at foreseeable intervals without ever liquifying into a state of overall randomness.Without getting too bogged down in up-spins and down-spins of the qubits (the sub-atomic particles that can represent both 1 and 0 and which are the foundation of quantum computing), what Google declares to have actually done is essentially taken a checkers board with all the red pieces on one side and all the black pieces on the other and metaphorically struck the table in such a way as to completely change the two sides without expending any energy.The second law of thermodynamics states that this just cant take place, however time crystals do not appear to provide a hoot about entropy and now Google is saying that its not just seen one in action, but that the process which produced it is scalable– and the ramifications of that could be huge.We need to reiterate that Googles results havent been peer-reviewed, so we cant state for certain that what Google researchers have done will hold up under scrutiny. That said, if what Googles quantum computer system achieved can be replicated, then time crystals arent just real, however they may really be put to some actual real life usage. The implications of such a technology for computer system memory alone are difficult to fathom, much less for computer system processing itself.Ultimately though, its really hard to state what would originate from a system that defies entropy, because nature as we understand it does not work that way– and the assumption of entropy is constructed into every system weve ever produced or observed. Weve never ever seen something like this before, assuming these outcomes hold up, so forecasting what we can do with it is a extremely interesting however genuinely hard secret.


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