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Heartbroken Julie Halliday, 12, says she has cried herself to sleep every night after her beloved sister Jorja, 15, died from heart inflammation caused by Covid at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth last week

Julie Halliday (back right), 12, says she has cried herself to sleep each night after the death of her beloved sister Jorja from Covid
Julie Halliday (back right), 12, says she has cried herself to sleep each night after the death of her beloved sister Jorja from Covid (

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A grieving girl has cried herself to sleep every night since her sister died of Covid complications on the day of her jab.

Schoolgirl Jorja Halliday, 15, initially had flu-like symptoms which soon developed into an inability to hold down water and severe heart palpitations.

Her heart was beating at double its normal pace when she was rushed to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth.

Jorja was put on a ventilator, but doctors were unable to stabilise her due to the immense strain on her heart.

Mum Tracey Halliday held her daughter’s hand as she died in hospital – four days after receiving her PCR test result.

The hospital’s medical examiner said the “courageous” and “kind-hearted” schoolgirl had heart inflammation caused by the virus at the time of her death.

Little sister Julie, 12, said a final goodbye to her beloved sibling in hospital shortly after her condition deteriorated.

Every night since Jorja’s death Julie has cried herself to sleep, the Sun reports.

Jorja Halliday was 15 years old when she died from heart inflammation caused by Covid – on the same day she was due to be vaccinated



Jorja was put on a ventilator at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, but her heart was under too much strain



She said: “We started bursting into tears.

“We sat down, held her hand and gave her hugs and kisses, and I gave her a matching teddy so me and and her have got matching teddies.”

After Jorja’s death, mum Tracey, 40, issued a warning to parents of children being too ‘blase’ about Covid.

What began as a sore throat and the inability to eat, later turned into her incapacity to keep water down and the aspiring musician was rushed to hospital.

Preliminary results from the hospital’s medical examiner indicate the ‘beautiful young lady’ had Covid myocarditis, heart inflammation caused by the virus.

After her death, mum Tracey Halliday warned parents that kids are being “too blase” about Covid



Jorja’s sister Julie said she was able to say goodbye to her beloved sibling when her condition deteriorated



Her mother, Tracey Halliday, said: “They realised how serious it was and I was still allowed to touch her, hold her hand, hug her and everything else.

“They did allow me that. I’m at the point where I can’t comprehend that it’s happened.

“I was with her the whole time. They tried to put her on a ventilator to give her body a chance to recover. Her heart rate didn’t stabilise. Her heart couldn’t take the strain.

“They worked as well as I think they could medically but were unable to save her. She had the best of care, I know that they did everything they could to save her.”

“It’s heart wrenching because your kids are always meant to outlive you, and that’s the one thing I can’t get over.

“I like to think of myself as a thinker, I like to keep busy but I do take some time for myself and grieve with the children,” she said.

Jorja was the eldest of five children. She had two sisters Julie, 12, and Daisie, four, and two younger brothers, Kallum, six, and Oscar who is just 18 months and too young to understand what has happened.

Jorja was the eldest of five children



“When I’m on my own, when they’ve gone to bed, and when I get the reminders throughout the day, I burst into tears.

“She was a loving girl and she had lots of friends. She was very active, she liked to go out and spend time with her friends and loved spending time with her brothers and sisters.

“Growing up she turned into a beautiful young lady, always wanting to help others, always there for everybody when they needed them,” she continued.

Ms Halliday fears children are too ‘blase’ about the virus – with parents presuming their kids will simply recover.

She continued: “She was going to have the jab on Tuesday. But because she tested positive on Saturday she was isolating. When her isolation period was over she was going to get it.

“The day that she passed away was the day that she would have had it done.”

The ‘kind-hearted’ young girl died on September 28, outlived by her 62 year old grandmother, Julia Halliday, who said: “She was everything.”

Her martial arts teacher, Badr Bahaj, said she was a ‘role model’ to many of the other children at her training school, the AG Martial Arts centre in Portsmouth, Hants.

He said: “All the kids knew her and loved her and she was a role model to so many. It’s a shame and absolutely gutting.

“Jorja was one of the children that really did develop and thrive in our club.

“She wanted to teach it when she was older. She also had a passion for learning and martial arts was no exception. It’s devastating, it’s going to break so many hearts.

“She’s someone we’ll never forget. She’s one of the star students.”

Before her passing, Jorja was working towards her GCSEs at The Portsmouth Academy, Hants, where she will be greatly missed.

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