Mon. May 23rd, 2022

If you want to beam content from your phone, it couldn’t be easier. Using the SmartThings app available on all Android handsets, or Apple’s AirPlay2 wireless technology, you’ll be able to mirror your experiences, video, and games without the need for cables.

As well as binging on boxsets and watching movies, the Freestyle has plenty of other features, including powerful speakers with a dual passive radiator enabling a clean and deeper bass. As such, it makes a great portable or home speaker. iPhone or iPad owners will be able to pair the Freestyle with other AirPlay 2-enabled devices in your home, including Sonos and Bose speakers. And that’s not all, the Freestyle can also be turned into a smart ambient light to add some different moods and music to your rooms.

It is also the first projector to include far-field voice control, allowing users to choose their favourite voice assistants – like Google Assistant – when using the device hands-free up to 13ft away.

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